A Wild West inspired 'village' has come up for sale through Sotheby's International Realty for £1.2 million.

Even though it was built this century, the spirit of the Old West lives on in the Town of Gabriella, a quaint replica settlement looks as if it's right out of the 1880s.


The 58 acre western style town includes a hotel and log cabin, dance hall and saloon, billiard hall, church, cemetery, jail, old-time photography studio (camera equipment not included), old-time barber shop (including an antique barber chair), and an old-time stagecoach.



In total, there are 18 Old West style buildings, each one with a realistic Western feel both inside and out.


The saloon is a 12-by-14-foot space with a full bar, and the hotel is a functional two-story property. The church is filled with rows of benches and a pastor’s podium, while the clothing shop is stocked with 1800s-type costumes available for use in movie productions, events and photo shoots. The barn is one of the bigger buildings in the town and can be used for a variety of purposes – for example dances and events.



It's the largest and most authentic western town located in Catron County, New Mexico, where the notorious outlaw Thomas “Black Jack” Ketchum lived during the mid 1880s.


The goal of the Town of Gabriella, is to preserve the American old west history.

It's currently used as a western movie set/film location, and the town was routinely used for chuck wagon dinners, dances/classes, weddings, private parties, mounted shooting and gunfight reenactments.



And unlike what you might see in a Hollywood studio, the facades of the buildings aren't fake fronts – the insides of each building and 'shop' are just as detailed as the outside.

The town was built from the ground up by owner Larry Iams, who purchased the lot around 20 years ago. He built each structure by hand, and hand-painted each of the signs. Iams lives nearby and is willing to let the town go to a purchaser who will keep the Old West history alive.


The land surrounding the area has no traces of modern life, meaning no power lines, no airplanes flying over and not too many signs of people in general – so for film makers, narrative errors won't be an issue.



The listing agent is David Cordova of Sotheby’s International Realty. He noted that Netflix is already investing in the area, looking at studio expansions within the state of New Mexico.