A warm and inviting energy exudes from these two tropical boho home designs, photographed by Danang Seta. They are peppered with natural elements and thoughtful vignettes that keep the eye engaged and the aesthetic consistent. Each home boasts a fresh poolside vista, where palm trees loll amongst lush green borders.

Design number one comes to life with a cozy lighting scheme of recessed LED ribbons, which trim shallow recesses and highlight key features in every room. Home number two is shaped by a plethora of beautiful archways that adjoin rooms, frame the wonderful terrace vista, and build captivating statements. Smoothly sculpted shelving nooks extrude from the wall stucco to integrate more eye-catching vignettes.

At Casa de Jany, a T-shaped pool design spans the full width of an outdoor dining room, blessing the diners with a sparkling view. Healthy green palms shade the edges of the blue water.

The narrow channel at the back of the pool runs towards a shady seating spot at the rear of the terrace. Underwater benches complete a U-shaped conversational area. The outdoor dining room is shaded by a wood-clad overhang that gives the space visual warmth. A trio of wicker pendants complements the wood cladding with their natural tone.

Sliding glass doors open up the master bedroom to the pool terrace. This way, the homeowner can head straight out for a refreshing morning swim.

High boundary walls conceal the tropical boho oasis that is hidden within, though palm plants hint at the lush aesthetic.

The walkway around the pool is shaded in its entirety, which also keeps the interior rooms cool. A small waterfall rushes into the swimming pool, providing a calming soundtrack for the home.

Upstairs, there are large balconies that are used for sunbathing. Modern chaise lounge chairs are arranged on a blanket of faux grass to fashion an attractive relaxation spot.

The main living room is spacious and airy with clean white wall decor and rich wooden elements. A black ceiling fan darkly punctuates a wooden vaulted ceiling design. A pale sofa is situated centrally in the room to divide the sitting space from the kitchen diner.

Textured wall stucco creates interest across the TV focal wall. Wooden display shelves are built into the wide alcoves on either side.

Each built-in display shelf is atmospherically lit by LED ribbons. Books, wicker baskets, candles, and decorative vases are arranged into neat vignettes.

The kitchen has a modestly sized island that can accommodate up to three diners along its outer edge. Its marble waterfall countertop ties in with the kitchen’s luxe marble backsplash.

The boho bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and a small sitting area.

The bed tucks into an arched recess, which creates a cozy cocoon around the headboard and a pair of wooden bedside tables. Bronze bedroom pendant lights add a warm sheen.

The closet is fitted with rattan doors, which add texture to the space.

A boho bedroom rug lays pattern beside the foot of the bed.

The second bedroom design features a wood-clad ceiling treatment. LED ribbons highlight the attractive wood grain.

A wooden vanity table slots perfectly into an alcove beside the bed.

A simple arch-shaped mirror adorns the top of the vanity table, with all other paraphernalia tucked away inside its rattan drawers.

Bedside tables are lit by intricately detailed Moroccan–style pendant lights.

The large bathroom is fitted with a double sink bathroom vanity and a series of large storage closets.

Black marble soap dispensers and a reed diffuser are grouped into a stylish cluster on the vanity countertop.

A freestanding bathtub is tucked around the corner.

An arched recess is adorned with a stone figurine and lit with ambient light to create a captivating vignette.

The roof terrace is used for barbecuing and entertaining.

By night, outdoor lighting ensures that terraces and balconies remain in use.

String lights make a festive atmosphere across the roof terrace.

Casa Alma has a laconic color palette, which gives it a restful spirit. A natural jute round rug and a wicker pouf give the pale living room scheme some visual weight. Their rich natural tone ties in with large wooden window frames that edge two sides of the room.

A rustic coffee table pulls up close to a built-in concrete sofa design. Ceramic vases make a small coffee table centerpiece.

The concrete couch backs onto a wall of built-in display shelves that extrude from the wall stucco. Decorative vases form neat vignettes in the archways and nooks.

A white dining table is aligned with the arched window to create an appealing visual.

A wicker pendant light echoes the curve of the arched window. Wooden dining chairs seat up to four diners.

The kitchen is constructed with a concrete framework and wooden cabinet doors. The kitchen faucet introduces a brass accent.

Inside the boho bedroom, an elegant archway is recessed into the wall stucco to form a decorative headboard feature.

A custom-built wardrobe echoes the arched headboard design and a glass archway that connects the bedroom with the living space.

A full length mirror is propped casually at the end of the bed to make a dressing area.

Recessed arches and curves shape the shower space design.

A concrete bathroom vanity unit is accessorized with wicker baskets for storage.

Stepped shelves are adorned with handmade floor vases to create a whimsical vignette.

Outside, a pebbled border contains tropical plants.

Wicker chairs and wooden tables surround the outdoor pool, completing a tropical boho vista.