1. The Magma Fireplace

Inspired by volcanoes, the Magma Fireplace conveys the powerful sentiment and a strong visual impact, accentuated by the playful flames of the fire. Designed to create a connection between the human and the earth, the fireplace uses a bold range of coloured layers carved into a wooden block. Designers describe the amazing Magma Fireplace: “Magma’s colours go from red and melt into gray. The coloured layering that distinguish and make this fireplace special can be seen both from the top-view of the fireplace and from the side. You will be passionate about this sculptural object. It will not only be an astonishing decorative element in your home, but also a functional and stylish coffee table to use every day, and a smokeless ethanol based fireplace to keep you warm in the cold weather.”

2. The Hillside Fireplace

Inspired by the hillsides and borrowing their name, the Hillside Fireplace consists of two seamlessly integrated elements: an ergonomic sofa chair and a coffee table. Made from three natural materials – oak, natural stone, and glass – the versatile fireplace can be used as a compact, larger coffee table for entertaining or as a comfortable singular retreat in the shape of a relaxing sofa chair and fireplace. The transformable Hillside Fireplace is adjustable, adaptable, efficient, and compact, perfect for maximizing space in a contemporary manner.