Inspired by yurts-the circular tent homes of Central Asia's nomadic communities-this cabin in the village of Vojka nad Dunajom belongs to a Bratislava–based couple with a creative studio who use the space as a rural retreat, a place to meet clients, and a space to socialize outside the city.

Surrounding the deck at the entrance of the cabin is a lattice-wood frame that serves as a shelter for the outdoor area.

Nestled on a small plot surrounded by trees, the 452-square-foot cabin overlooks a lake. For this project, Peter Jurkovič of Bratislava–based studio JRKVC used a reductive approach to create a clean, simple space with smart storage solutions. Black plastic film, usually used for insulation, clads the exterior of the cabin. Surrounding and contrasting the dark exterior is a second skin of timber lattice panels of light wood. The rectangular structure has a circular, yurt-inspired floor plan at its core, and a domed roof that gives the interiors a lofty feel.

When not in use, a lattice panel covers the facade, closing off and protecting the cabin when the couple is back in the city.

The circular yurt-like interior is set within a square envelope.

The main room is located under the central dome, which has tall, elegant ceilings. A round table and chairs in the center of the circular space gives the cabin a Zen-like feel without sacrificing functionality. An old-fashioned, wood-fired stove adds a rustic touch to the otherwise minimalist and contemporary interiors.

The large, rectangular entrance frames idyllic views of the surrounding countryside.

A circular skylight on the top of the domed roof draws in plenty of natural light.

Jurkovič created built-in alcove seating in the main room to maximize the usable floor area.

From the main room, passageways lead to the bedroom and bathroom.

Beyond the main room is a bedroom that’s hidden from view with a curtain.

A kitchenette is concealed within a closet.

On one side of this large entrance is a kitchen that’s concealed by wooden doors and panels when not in use.

A closet contains and hides two bunk beds.

On the opposite side of the kitchen are two bunk beds that can be tucked away.