Canadian prefabricated home builder Honomobo has debuted the Honomobar, a portable bar made out of a recycled shipping container. Able to be sent anywhere across North America, the Honomobar is a pop-up structure that can bring hospitality to your backyard, the pool, by the lake-or anywhere else a drink may come in handy.

Bar seating and an extended wood platform provide a cozy, convivial setting.

Measuring eight feet-by-12.5 feet, each prefab shipping container bar is a compact 100 square feet. A hydraulic arm opens the main window for business, revealing a red accent panel and a treated butcher block bar top that's ready for service. Guests gather under a three-foot, cedar wood overhang. After hours, a black aluminum roll shutter safely locks the container down.

One end of the bar is solid, with the original shipping container painted dark. The other end is open with framed canopies and supports, revealing the bar concept.

A brightly colored, steel accent panel creates the ceiling above the bar top.

The bar can be easily transported to its location, and easily moved to additional locations. The simplicity of the structure requires no foundation-only the connection to site services and desired electrical and plumbing.

With minimal labor and vehicular transportation, the Honomobar was transported up the snow covered hills to Fortress Mountain in the Canadian Rockies.

The bar can be easily mobilized between various settings due to the modularity and portability of the structure.

Currently, a Honomobar is set up at Fortress Mountain in the Canadian Rockies, proving that no matter how seemingly inhospitable the setting, the bar can make itself at home. Soon, Honomobars will set their footprint in Seattle and San Francisco, broadening the reach of modular bar construction.

Set up at Fortress Mountain as a respite for skiers and snowboarders , the Honomobar is a modern contrast to the natural landscape and snow-covered peaks.

To celebrate the new bar, the Honomobo team spent the day on the mountain.

Outdoor enthusiasts gather at the bar for a quick drink.

With plenty of space to play, people gather and mingle outside Honomobar to share in games, refresh, and enjoy the outstanding views.