But now GLO GRO has a revolutionary new floor lamp that’s making it easier than ever to keep those herbs and plants flourishing indoors year-round. With a powerful LED light incorporated in the fixture, this lamp helps your green bbs get all the sunny rays they need to stay healthy, while still providing an extra decorative touch. Take a look below to learn more about this product that’s making us want to hit up our local nursery RN.

Without getting too technical, plants require a certain level of sunlight to produce all those pretty flowers and produce you love. GLO GRO’s 45-watt LED light essentially mirrors this by using an integrated timer to provide the exact amount of illumination a plant needs to flourish, grow, and develop - without dealing with wonky weather along the way.

At 72 inches tall, the black matte lamp looks like any other chic decor you’d add to your dorm or dining room. The only difference is that a hanging planter is situated in the middle. This adjustable component gives the plant all the space and light it needs to really stretch out its legs in every phase of life, which enables it to take root quicker, faster, and stronger.

Take a look at GLO GRO in action above, then head on over to the site to see how you can get your hands on your own lamp. We promise, it’ll be a winter purchase you won’t regret.