Creating the perfect nursery can be a struggle. Balancing work, taking care of your baby, and getting enough rest can mean that room decor is the last thing on your mind. This is why Michelle from 52 Thursdays reached out to interior design service Laurel & Wolf.

Michelle has a background in fashion, but her personal style and preferences were getting in the way of landing on the right look for her daughter. After careful consideration, the designers at Laurel & Wolf put together a perfectly pink, boho-chic room for the California family.

Double Duty

Unlike many nurseries, this room was built to grow with the baby. With space for a crib and a daybed, it will be able to transition as the child moves from newborn to toddler. The daybed also serves as a cozy place for mom to relax while staying close by.

Soft Touch

Blush pink meets champagne gold in this dreamy nursery daybed. Feminine flower accents on the wall play to the pink color scheme, while a succulent monogram is an ode to bohemian style. Gold pillow patterns, including stripes, animals, and rainbows, add a hint of glamour.

Reading Nook

White sheer curtains allow natural light to flood the nursery and create the perfect rocking nook. And no rocking chair is complete without a plush pillow and cozy blanket! A plant hangs above in a macrame holder to provide necessary texture and contrast from the surrounding soft colors.

Quick Change

As any mom would agree, a changing station is a nursery must. This one features three large drawers for storing diapers and wipes and is conveniently located near a disposal bin. A ladder shelf holds bedtime books, favorite toys, and playful accents.

Ring of Flowers

This mom wanted a twist on the classic crib mobile. Her perfect solution? A floating flower crown above her daughter's head. The beautiful accent looks stunning in the room and can be used as decor once crib days are over.