As prefab companies work toward the future of headache-free homebuilding, Boxabl’s new Casita ADU is at the head of the pack. The "everything proof" prefab home can be towed by a pickup truck to its destination, where a team can unfold it and snap it together in roughly an hour’s time.

The Casita is arranged like an efficiency studio, with the living area and sleeping area divided by an entertainment console and closet. A shaker-style kitchen with a refrigerator, a dining area, a washer/dryer, and a bathroom complete the unit.

Boxabl touts the Casita’s ability to withstand fire, hurricane-force winds, and heavy snow and rain, making it well suited for a variety of climates and conditions. Inside, the 20' x 20' layout resembles a pumped-up efficiency studio, with a sleeping area, living area, shaker-style kitchen, and full bathroom. Everyday amenities like a refrigerator, washer/dryer, and heating and cooling come stock with the $49,500 sticker price.

The Casita’s sleeping area faces built-ins and a TV that can swivel in any direction.

The kitchen features ample counter and cabinet space, and full-size appliances that beat out an efficiency-style studio. LED lighting keeps energy costs low.

At the core of Boxabl’s design is the ability to expand. An urban development might begin with a single Casita, and over time it could expand into an entire residential complex. A prospective homeowner could purchase an individual unit, and later add an upstairs suite, for example, or an adjacent kitchen and dining area.

Boxabl’s lightning-quick installs, approachable price tag, and production scalability on par with the automotive industry have caught the attention of Ben Carson, the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The full bathroom includes a toilet, a shower/bathtub, and a backlit mirror over the sink.

The Casita is just one iteration of Boxabl’s technology, though. The company’s linkable, pop-up rooms also have applications as auxiliary hospital facilities, commercial offices, disaster shelters, or hotels. With prototypes built, Boxabl is now generating interest from investors to bring the concept to market. Those tempted by the possibilities can get in early at the start-up’s crowdfunding website.

A drawing shows the Casita’s layout. Homeowners interested in an ADU would be able to match the exterior to their primary dwelling.

This sample layout utilizes two of Boxabl’s rooms for an expanded home.