These days, as people are spending a lot of time at home, it makes sense that more and more people are taking up gardening as a hobby. But what if your backyard space isn’t conducive to planting? Or what if you’re a city apartment dweller (and you’ve already tried an indoor herb garden and have numerous indoor plants)? Never fear, plant lovers-you can try your hand at a living wall to update your home. Here are some fresh and imaginative ideas for your ideal vertical garden, plus four tips before starting out:

1. Pick the right location.

If your desired wall is in a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, think again. The best place for your vertical garden is a wall where the light will allow a wide range of plants to grow and thrive.

2. Choose the right plants.

Now that you’ve selected your wall, decide whether you want to feature only one type of plant or multiple varieties. If you choose the latter, learn which plants can coexist and have similar needs (light, temperature, water) and care routines. The best living-wall plants are often long, vine-y ones such as a philodendron or pothos (aka devil’s ivy), as they will cover most of your space and help create an overall green look.

3. Mount them properly.

This is the creative part. You can build your own frames to fit your wall, buy a variety of angled planters to hang throughout, or buy ready-made frames-the options are endless. When arranging the layout, be sure to consider the spacing between your plants so that they have enough room to grow over time.

4. Maintain, maintain, maintain.

Not only will you have to water your plants, you will also need to clean the wall, the planters, and the plants themselves every so often to prevent moss growth and keep away bugs. In addition, you should trim the plants occasionally to keep your wall looking crisp. For a lower-maintenance option, you can install a self-watering system that will handle the watering for you.

1 Framed Succulent Wall


For a unique, eclectic approach to your living wall, find some old picture frames to grow your plants in-feel free to paint them to your liking! Use chicken wire as the backing and fill the frames with moss and succulents as needed (both require little water, so they’re perfect together).

2 Balcony Living Wall