...that's how Muji has chosen to introduce their new Muji Hut, a Japan-only prefab building concept that is set to release Autumn, 2017.

The stark interior of the Muji Hut captures the essence of relaxation and focus.

What I love is the consciousness of the surrounding environment that Muji has imbued into the design of the hut. To quote from their site:

Seeing the hut set against a vast seascape shows how the design allows the structure to be enveloped by the surrounding landscape.

With a stark and restrained design, the sense of presence and solitude are carefully elevated.

Like any great design, the Muji design details reveal the same elevation of craftsmanship through the careful treatment given to each of the surfaces chosen for the Hut.

Burnt cedar, Japanese cypress plywood, and mortar create a trio of contrasting yet simple surface textures that breath a relaxed vibe into the Muji Hut.

Simplicity, masterful attention to detail, and a sense of presence that blends a structure into the natural environment are no easy feats to achieve. The Muji Hut is a structural concert that blends each of these harmoniously without sacrificing on quality or focus.

The hut is set to release Autumn, 2017 for a price ¥ 3,000,000 (~$27,000 USD).