The sofa has been created by Milan-based designer Emanuele Magini. It is especially designed for the variety seeking individuals who are easily bored by sameness and are yearning for some dynamism and change when it comes to home décor and designs. So if you belong to the aforesaid cadre of baller men, this post will certainly be of interest to you.

The Sosia sofa by Italian furniture company Campeggi is contemporary, comfortable and convertible – like those baller convertibles you own. It boasts a free form and has an adaptable design. The sofa has a flexible fabric flap with a zipper. It encloses or exposes (depending on your configuration) two cushioned seats that can be adjusted to reveal a variety of seating arrangements. You can play around with the seating to reveal a sofa, an armchair-styled seating, an L-shaped conversational seat and face to face seating to suit small or large spaces. With Sosia, you won’t even be restricted to sofa seating; you can even turn it into a daybed or zip up the flap without folding it over and use the enclosed space as a private corner for yourself to dress up. You can even play a game of ‘Peekaboo’ if you run out of ideas.

The Convertible Sosia Sofa from Campeggi - Campeggi - Sofa