If you’re looking for a new pillow (or pillows) then only the best pillows will do. Why? Because they’ll totally transform how you sleep, not just tonight but for every night of the week.

Essentially, your head and neck will need to align when you’re lying down. All types of sleepers – side sleepers, back and stomach sleepers – will need different levels of support to ensure that they’re in the correct position for the entire eight hours of bedtime. It’s also worth considering your allergies (if you have any) which will determine which pillow fillings to avoid, and the overall shape.

With many of the mattress brands and retailers now offering their own take on what they deem a ‘good’ pillow, it can be tricky to choose the best option for you.

Our top buys below have all been carefully selected based on trusted user reviews and expert knowledge, so you have support in more ways than one.

The best pillows


1. Casper Original Pillow (U.S)

Best pillow 2020: soft yet super supportive for a comfortable night's sleep

Specifications          Best for: Every kind of sleeper       Filling: Hollowfibre       Firmness: Medium
                                Cover: 100% cotton

Reasons to buy      +Great for every sleep position

                              +2-in-1 pillow design+Even distribution of fibres

Reasons to avoid   -May not be firm enough for some

This pillow is pretty dreamy. It's a soft yet supportive down-alternative pillow with a breathable cotton cover for keeping your head cool at night. It's claimed our number one spot, and it's easy to see why…

What we like

The design of this pillow encompasses not one but TWO pillows. The inner pillow gives you support for your head and neck. And the outer pillow is super-soft and fluffy, like a cloud. It'll also stay puffy and plump for longer thanks to the individually blown cluster of fibres, with the two inch gusset along the sides keeping them all evenly distributed.

It's a good choice for all sleeping positions, too - side, back or front - because of the use of those two pillows so you can adjust the height of it. It's also a good choice for hot sleepers with the crisp cotton cover which is cool and breathable.

What we don't like

The pillow could start a little too high for some because it does take a bit of time to bed down. It will also need regular puffing and fluffing so you keep those clusters happy inside.

Anything else?

The pillow is available in two sizes options - the standard 50cm x 70cm and the superking 50 x 90cm. The choice is yours which you prefer but what we would say is that if you go for the super king size and you have a single bed, the pillow will fit the width of your mattress.


2. Mediflow Waterbase Pillow (U.K AND U.S)

Best pillow to reduce neck pain: it's been clinically proven, for all sleeping positions

Specifications            Best for: Reducing neck pain|       Filling: Water and hollofil fiber      

                                  Firmness: Soft-firm                        Cover: 100% cotton

Reasons to buy        +Adjustable firmness

                                +Clinically proven to reduce neck pain

Reasons to avoid     -The filling won't be for everyone

Filled with water, and other sumptuous fillings, this pillow is fully customisable and is one which has come out as the top option for reducing neck pain and improving the quality of sleep. It ranked best for reducing neck pain and quality of rest in a sleep study at Johns Hopkins Hospital. and is why so many reviewers like it, too.

What we like

The biggest tick in the box for us is the customizability of this pillow. The firmness can be adjusted using the water level to meet your preferences. When adjusting the pillow, just make sure you get all the air out otherwise it will make a 'sloshing sound' as you turn.

As you sleep, the water will move with your head so there will be no need to fluff it that often at all.

What we don't like

It's not necessarily a negative but with (potentially) all that water in there, the pillow will feel really heavy when compared to any other pillow you've had previously.

Anything else?

The cotton cover is breathable yep, but it may not breath enough for hot sleepers. This cover can be removed, also, for machine washing.


3. Puredown Quilted Pillow (U.S)

Best pillow with feather fillings: if you like to sleep on feathers then this set of two is a good buy

Specifications            Best for: Front sleepers            Filling: Grey goose: down 10%, feather 90%
                                  Firmness: Soft-medium           Cover: Polyester

Reasons to buy         +Soft and sumptuous+Good value for money

Reasons to avoid      - If you sufferer from dust allergies

This set of two Grey Goose Down (10%) and Grey Goose feather (90%) are soft yet supportive and hold their shape all night.

What we like

We LOVE how supportive yet soft these pillows. They also offer really good value for money as they come in a set of two so you can either replace the pillows for you and your partner, or have the same pillows all to yourself.

What we don't like

The cover is not removable BUT you could wash these pillows on a cool wash when following the care instructions. Just make sure they are thoroughly dried out before resting your head on them.

Anything else?

These pillows are available in a standard or king size which can be bought to suit the size of your bed, or your preferred sleeping arrangement.


4. Cool Touch Memory Foam Pillow (U.S)
Best pillow with memory foam: it's temperature regulating and breathable

Specifications             Best for: Side sleepers          Filling: Memory foam
                                   Firmness: Medium                Cover: Nylon

Reasons to buy          +Temperature regulating

                                  +Soft, breathable and supportive

                                  +Good value

Reasons to avoid      -Slight chemical smell

This memory foam pillow will help you to wake up feeling refreshed with its temperature regulating, 6 inch memory foam which is a medium density and breathable. It offers good value for money, too.

What we like

This memory foam pillow is firm, but not too foam. Reviewers have found that they get just the right level of comfort (with one or two) when they are sleeping on their side. It's also scored highly on how cool it has kept some sleepers.

What we don't like

There is a distinctive smell to this pillow which we totally get will put some buyers off. However, as with all memory foam products, the odour does fade over time so if you aren't too sensitive to unpleasant smells then we feel this pillow would be perfectly okay for you.

Anything else?

It's likely that your head will sink into this pillow so if you prefer to have your head slightly more raised, then we would recommend getting another of the same pillow for the best support for your head.


5. Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow (UK)

Best pillow with memory foam (UK): with an eco-friendly cover

Specifications            Best for: memory foam fans          Filling: Visco memory foam
                                  Firmness: Firm                               Cover: Bamboo fibre

Reasons to buy         +Environmentally friendly cover


                                 +10 years manufacturer guarantee

Reasons to avoid      -If you sleep on your front

This pillow is filled with three layers of memory foam and covered in a soft, breathable bamboo cover which is antibacterial and mould-resistant, too. Is there anything it doesn't have?

What we like

We LOVE the fact that this pillow has three layers of memory foam and features a soft bamboo cover. It offers amazing support and comfort whilst also being temperature regulating, highly breathable and eco-friendly.

It's also a great option for side and back sleepers because it will fill the space between your head and shoulder to prevent a stiff neck. You may find that you can be rid of a second pillow (side sleepers) because this pillow is a firm one.

What we don't like

Just a small comment that the pillow itself can not be washed. However, the cover is removable which can be. This bamboo cover is naturally antibacterial and mould-resistant, too.

Anything else?

There's an impressive 10 years manufacturer guarantee with this pillow which surpasses the recommended three-year replacement. It's already an affordable option, so you really can get excellent value for money with this one.


6. Simba Hybrid Pillow (UK)

Best pillow 2020 (UK): it's a great option for side sleepers, and it's one which has some science behind it

Specifications            Best for: Temperature regulation, side sleepers          Filling: Memory foam tubes and down
                                  Firmness: Soft medium                                               Cover: Jacquard cotton

Reasons to buy         +Temperature regulation

                                  +Adjustable height

Reasons to avoid       -Pricey -May be too firm for some

There’s some science behind this pillow which promises to give you, particularly if you’re a side sleeper, the best night’s sleep with temperature regulation and adjustable height. We're a fan of it and feel that it would really suit you too, if you're a side sleeper.

What we like

Just as with the Mediflow pillow (above) you can adjust the height of the Simba pillow by removing or adding back in the foam Nanocubes. The more foam is inside the pillow, the higher and firmer it feels.

It also holds its shape and barely needs re-plumping, unlike down or feather pillows.

What we don't like

To be honest, there's nothing we don't really like about this pillow. The price is a little high, yes, but if you think a pillow doesn't need to be replaced until every three years (if you have a good one) then it's well worth the money.

Anything else?

If you remove the fillings, the pillow can be put in the washing machine for an easy clean.


7. Snuggledown Feather and Down Pillow (UK)

Best pillow with feather fillings (UK): a snuggly pair of pillows which can be used in all seasons

Specifications            Best for: Front sleepers          Filling: Duck feathers (85%), duck down (15%)
                                  Firmness: Soft                        Cover: Cotton

Reasons to buy         +Lightweight and flexible

                                 +Good value for money

Reasons to avoid     - If you sufferer from dust allergies

This soft and snuggly pair of pillows are filled with duck feathers (85%) and duck down (15%), and covered in a cotton cover for comfort in all seasons.

What we like

It's light and flexible enough to take on the road for comfort car journeys. But to sleep on, in a bed, it's soft and cushioning to lie on (we'd rate it soft to medium), but supportive, too.

The pair are also not only good for front sleeps, but those who find they get chilly in the night because of the air-trapping down-and-feather filling which retains heat.

What we don't like

To be honest, there's nothing that we feel strongly against with these pillows - especially because of the appealing price tag. The fact that you get two as well doesn't offer much to complain about.

It would be best to avoid these pillows, though, if you suffer from dust allergies.

Anything else?

The cotton cover is washable, but always follow the instructions.

If you're based in the U.S then we recommend the Casper pillow. It's soft yet super supportive which makes way for a comfortable night's sleep, for all sleepers. The design is based on not one but TWO pillows for the ultimate support, but is also one which you can adjust the height with so you can essentially tailor make the pillow to suit you.

Based in the UK? Then we can highly recommend you buy the Simba pillow. We love it. It's also been scientifically engineered to give you the best night’s sleep, with temperature regulation and adjustable height - everyone loves a bit of science ( we do, anyway).