They'll boost oxygen levels, calm the nervous system and certain types will purify the air from toxins such as Formaldehyde, Benzene and other nasties emitted by computers, microwaves, gadgets and more.

The positive effects of indoor plants have been backed up for decades in a report carried out by NASA. For those that were paying attention in science classes, it's all to do with photosynthesis and the way plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

So if you're working from home - and waiting for your lunch to ping on a regular basis - these are the plants to have on your desk, in your kitchen - and even in the bedroom.


This botanical beauty has cool green and white striped leaves, which unfurl in a pale green shade and darken as they age. Some types have gorgeous pink stripes too. It'll purify the air and it's non-toxic, so pet parents can relax in the knowledge that a chewed leaf will do no harm.

Water weekly and keep it away from strong sunlight.



This good all-rounder is ideal on your desk or in the kitchen as it cleans the air from Formaldeyde, Benzene, Trichloroethylene and other gases and pollutants, which are given off by paint, varnish, detergent, electrical items and furniture.

The Peace Lily is low maintenance and easy to look after as its leaves will droop when it needs a drink. Although, once a week should do the trick - and keep it away from pets.



Remember what your gran told you about not keeping plants in the bedroom (they work in reverse at night; emitting carbon dioxide and absorbing oxygen)?

Well the Snake plant turns that advice on its head. This one does the opposite and actually emits oxygen at night. It's even suggested that the extra oxygen may help if you sleep with a snorer.



Tapping into the seventies vibe, the Swiss Cheese plant has enjoyed a renaissance in the coolest interiors and a new found following on instagram.

Along with its louche overtones, this fabulous foliage has holes in its leaves so it can increase its surface area and catch more sun light. What's not to like about that on a gloomy day?



We couldn't mention the best house plants without including one that symbolises abundance and good fortune, which according to Chinese legend Pilea peperomioides (the Money Plant), does.

Not only that it's another low maintenance option. It thrives in low light and grows quickly, so you'll be able to gift plant babies to friends and family.



Another seventies trend throwback, the Rubber plant, with its thick glossy leaves and red underside, makes a style statement.

It's another air purifier too but keep pets and tots away as it is toxic if accidentally ingested.