Fact: The humble houseplant has sky-rocketed in popularity since lockdown began. In fact, Google searches for ‘houseplant’ increased by 84% from February to April 2020 (360,080 monthly searches to 663,980). But what are the UK's most popular houseplants bringing that cool outdoors-in vibe to our interiors?

Recent research by Tap Warehouse has revealed that the bamboo plant is the most popular houseplant in the UK, even though they do require extra TLC compared with other indoor plants.

During lockdown, Aloe Vera has been the second most popular houseplant across the nation. As well as being one of the prettiest indoor plants, it offers a host of health benefits – with the gel inside containing antibacterial properties.

Meanwhile, Devil’s Ivy is the top greenery of choice in Liverpool and Manchester. It’s little surprise this plant is so popular for giving interiors a fresh feel, considering it looks beautiful, is extremely easy to care for and improves the air quality of the room.

Want to go green? See how to care for the four most popular houseplants below:

Say goodbye to sad-looking at brown leaves and keep your houseplants thriving with these simple steps.


These plants are incredibly thirsty but also vulnerable to overwatering so you should lightly mist the leaves with a spray bottle every couple of days. If the plant has small leaves, keep it in a warm room but if it has large leaves, keep it in a cool room.



This is an on-trend plant that likes bright, indirect light. String of pearls are very sensitive to overwatering so you should only water them once every fortnight. They make a particularly pretty feature in the kitchen, perhaps on a rustic shelf.



These beautiful trailing plants perform best when placed in a hanging pot or on a high shelf. They prefer to live in direct-light conditions and require liberal and regular watering.



Want your aloe vera to last longer? Water your Aloe Vera plant every three weeks, and place it in bright, indirect sunlight or artificial light.