The Oikos System gives the maximum flexibility to combine the doors and the panels. You can order your door choosing between the models and the panels that we propose. We must combine the wood with artistical glass end mirror. Oikos realizes your creativity, giving you a range of product and choice.


Doors are one of the architecture key points. A new symbolic and representative role is added to their fundamental function. Doors not only introduce, but also give a presentation of who is living that architecture. This is why Synua has a high level of customization, based on a constructive system which makes it possible to obtain the maximum modularity level of the panels.


Tekno doors: a powerhouse of innovation, design, elegance, strength and reliability The rigorous lines and volumes of a Tekno door perfectly fi t in with any contemporary architectural project, expressing a young, innovative and culturally modern style. More than just an armoured door, a high-performance entrance door, a dedicated range of coverings and accessories designed by Adriani and Rossi, an exclusive range for any modern interior design project, using the fashion materials and colours of today‘s furnishing, entertainment and modern living: aluminium, special glass, steel, technical materials, and a range of up-to-date colours.