Perched upon a green slope on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, The Naked House is a 6,318-square-foot, five-level house that connects with its natural surroundings and provides some serious peace and quiet.

Designed by Marc Gerritsen, the house is built with concrete, wood, steel, and glass, and has a large open-plan living room, doors than can slide completely open to let in sunlight and fresh air, and a large lap pool that looks out to the ocean. Dialoguing effectively with its environment, the Naked House brings out the best in both the structure and nature.

With hardly any embellishments and minimal furnishing, the house calls attention to the simple beauty of its concrete form, and the atmosphere that's created in the various spaces within the property.

With its unusual open-concept rooms and spaces, The Naked House, which is available for rent through Airbnb, also encourages relaxation and appreciation for nature, and is a retreat that provides rest for the body and soul.