“We set out to reimagine cat furniture that’s not only inviting and engaging for cats, but also a stylish addition to any home,” AutoPets COO Jacob Zuppke says of the collection. “With modern styling, sleek finishes, and neutral tones, our cat furniture is designed to fit into any home decor while offering cats a dedicated space to explore and hang out.”

So, without further ado, shop AutoPets’ new line of modern cat furniture below, and prepare to give your space and your cat a major living upgrade.

Cat Tower


Available in white or a grey woodgrain, this stylish and modern cat tower offers a contemporary twist on the cat tree with its sleek cubic design. It includes three climbing holes, sisal scratch pads, soft felt pads, and a cat bed on the bottom level. Buy: Cat Tower, $269

Cat Side Table


Available in a grey woodgrain finish with some black metal trims, this side table doubles as a playful spot for your cat to chill out and a practical piece of furniture. Place it next to the couch or your bed to maximize space. Buy: Cat Side Table, $149

Cat Silo


Available in a black woodgrain finish with luxe gold metal legs, this silo doubles as a unique cat escape and an elegant piece of home decor. It includes a grey cushion and sisal scratch pads, and it’ll look real refined next to a couch or armchair. Buy: Cat Silo, $149

Cat Orb


Available in a woven banana leaf sphere with a dark espresso finish, this orb offers your cat an elevated space for sleep and relaxation. No matter where the stylish orb is placed, the whimsical design will zhuzh up any room. Buy: Cat Orb, $129

Cat Shelf


Available in a grand walnut finish, this two-pack wall-mounted shelf will give your cat some space from other pets or people to catch some rest or stare out the window. It comes with some grey cushions, too, which will look tasteful on your walls. Buy: Cat Shelf, $69

Cat Pyramid


Also available in a grand walnut finish, this pyramid offers an A-frame design to the typical cat tree structure. It includes two climbing holes, a sisal scratch pad at the bottom, and soft felt pads; most importantly, it’ll blend seamlessly into your home. Buy: Cat Pyramid, $189