On Wednesdays for the rest of March, I’ll be indulging green-thumbed readers (or those hoping to grow a pair) with tips and tidbits on the world of eco-friendly lawns and gardens. Although it may seem a bit premature — especially in parts of the country currently covered with snow and ice — March is a busy month when gardeners start revving their engines and heading outside. My hope is that when April hits, you’ll be in the know when it comes to organic soil amendments, dung bunnies, eco lawn mowers, recycled lawn décor, and more.
A disclosure: I’m not a gardener myself. I don’t even have a backyard. I did, however, spend a fair amount of time as a kid moving lawns and pulling weeds for “fun money.” I also have a fair amount of houseplants — bamboo, ferns, jade, and more — that I haven’t murdered (yet). As an interior design nut, my favorite aspect of keeping houseplants would have to be planters. Planters by Clayflower 22 and Tristan Zimmerman are two stand-outs in my indoor green space. That said, if you have any gardening-related suggestions, ideas, or wild n' crazy composting methods to share, please do let me know.
To gently merge into the world of gardening, my inaugural lawn and garden post is about a house that’s, well, also a garden. It’s a true “green house,” if you will.