This is the period whereby modernism began to find its feet in homes all around Europe. This really took off with the opening of the Bauhaus. Homes were glamorous and sophisticated, yet they had a fun edge too. This excitement was brought about with geometric shapes, shiny fabrics, stylised images of everything from skyscrapers to airplanes, and beautifully exotic touches from Africa, Egypt and the Far East.

Colour scheme.

You need to go for a bold colour scheme yet one that is luxurious at the same time, for instance, dark rose, jade green and taupe. Don’t be afraid to go for the dramatic, such as a silver leaf effect on your ceiling.


Your walls are where you keep it simple. One plain colour and a coat of varnish is more than enough to create the right vibe.


You’ve got a couple of options when it comes to floors. If you want to go for something plain then a parquet floor is the obvious choice. However, patterned floors really came to the fore in the 1920’s too. Black and white check floors are a popular choice. And don’t forget about a large rug. This is a must have addition. Look for one in a geometric pattern if you want to really step back in time.


You can find reproductions of 1920s classic pieces, such as those by Eileen Gray. Buy singular pieces rather than sets or suites. When buying furniture it is recommended to go for shapes that are strong and sleek and either a plain colour or a subtle pattern.

Finishing touches.

And finally, how do you finish off the look? Remember early when we told you to keep the walls simple. Well, if you want to add any adornments to your walls, don’t go overboard. One striking painting is more than enough. Finish off with opulent ornaments, such as a glass chandelier, and you are good to go.

So there you have it; a simple but effective five step process of emulating the stunning and glamorous 1920’s trend in your home. As long as you keep the key element of luxury in the room, buy a statement chair and keep your walls simple you will be fine. It’s up to you how you want to inject the personality; as mentioned earlier anything from oriental rugs to glass chandeliers to wall arts of airplanes will work.