Steam showers may well be trendy – but their countless benefits mean that they will transcend trends to become an integral part of your daily routine. The latest technologies have made bathroom fixtures from high-end manufacturers more available for those who wish to invest in a higher quality of living. Steam therapy is proven to contribute positively to diverse aspects of good physical health, and the wonderful added bonuses of colour therapy, music therapy and aromatherapy cannot fail to enhance your overall sense of well-being.

Imagine the sensation of a steam shower which can be used individually, or with two or more people as your lifestyle demands. The all-in-one convenience of the luxury steam showers saves space (features such as waterfall overhead showers and hydro-massage body sprays are built-in), without scrimping on comfortable seating, or the style endowed by the latest, cutting-edge designs.

Steam Shower by Hoesch - SensMare 1100 steam bath

An impression of space and freedom is created with the luxury SensMare 1100 steam bath by Hoesch. Incredible showering versatility is guaranteed with the options of steam regulation, colour, scent and sound stimulation, and a selection of four diverse bathing programmes (for example, country rain or mist jet), all brought together in a central column of control. The seating arrangements are to suit you… the seats can be folded up, pushed together or located opposite each other, according to your needs. The glass construction and lack of fixed back ensures a contemporary look that allows the individual wall design to show through behind, or if you prefer, the gorgeous light green back of the steam cabin can likewise complete the aesthetic appeal. To indulge in the pleasure of the fabulous SensMare 1100 steam bath, contact Hoesch.

Steam Shower from Douche - Thalassor Aska Duo shower

The futuristic Thalassor Aska Duo steam shower is from Douche… a superb place of energy and undreamed-of possibilities. The hammam feature takes you back in time to the health-enhancing steam baths enjoyed by Greeks and Romans, eliminating tension from your muscles and toxins from your body. This type of steam shower may be enjoyed with scent or the harmonious colours of chromotherapy to suit your mood. The exterior also does justice to the interior, the two tones of grey make certain that the Thalassor Aska Duo shower will be the focal point of any contemporary bathroom. Available from Douche.

Kos Steam Shower - the Kosmic 2 luxury shower

If you yearn for the amenities of the spa to be accessible to you on a daily basis, the Kosmic 2 steam shower from Kos could create the essential living space you dream of. The aspect of this luxury steam shower is high impact, yet with its minimalist black outer walls and sleek construction one can only guess at the extravagant atmosphere existing inside. Adjustable and revolving jets guarantee that the hydromassage element can access the places you need it most. Furthermore, the Turkish bath feature adds to the warming and fortifying ‘spa’ experience. Create a light show of your own with the digital keyboard, and allow the Idrocoloure technology to revitalise your senses. The Kosmic 2 shower would be enjoyed afresh with each use, and is available from Kos.

Steam Shower from WMK

WMK is a U.S. based manufacturer and distributor of high-end, inspired steam showers that can create your own personal atmospheric world of stimulation and relaxation. The features available are so versatile that your personalised shower need not be like any other you have previously experienced. On entering the curvaceous cabin of the shower all cares are left behind as you fully immerse yourself in this oasis of sound (AM/FM radio or CD stereo can be connected), lighting (to match your mood), and sensation (foot massage and whirlpool bath are included!). Or, if you prefer to stay connected to the outside world, the shower can be programmed to gently inform you of incoming calls, which can be answered hands-free if you so desire. With WMK’s modern steam shower, you can envelop yourself in soothing steam, pummel aching muscles with the back-jet, or drench your body in an Amazonian-style rain shower… the choice is all yours.

Steam Shower from Albatros - Atrium luxury spa shower

For a vivid, contemporary look, the Atrium spa shower from Albatros is the ultimate solution. The gorgeous heated glass wrap-around panels of the luxury steam shower offer a specialised heat treatment and keep the atmosphere snug. The Atrium envelopes you in your choice of therapy, with three rain effect shower heads and the appealing options of chromotherapy and aromatherapy. As there is plenty of space, you can share the sensual experrience with a friend (or two). And if a romantic encounter is on the cards, the sparkling star effect studding into the ceiling of the Atrium cannot fail to create a scintillating ambiance. Reinterpret your shower routine with a luxury steam shower from Albatros

Jacuzzi Steam Shower - the Morphosis Omega luxury shower

The glass panels offer a crystal-clear view of the smooth, sweeping teak seat that forms a fundamentally well-designed part of the Morphosis Omega steam shower from Jacuzzi. With this uncompromised style in mind, the fittings come in clear or darkened options to complement the stunning enclosure. Generous sizing ensures maximum comfort seated or standing. The health perks couple with the aesthetic benefits of this luxury steam shower… the high-performance steam generator and hydromassage alternatives will pamper you like never before. The Morphosis Omega is available in limited quantities for a price of EUR €20,000 or USD $27,126 from Jacuzzi. For additional information, email

Duravit Steam Shower

Technical skill and creative design work together in the Duravit steam shower cabin designed by Jochen Schmiddem. Natural wood and frame-less silicone-free safety glass (available in clear or in a tinted blue hue) make for a gleaming and durable combination. This exclusive cabin is adaptable – the two seats can be simply folded down to make a bench if desired. Upright, the bench seats add an appealing natural touch of Robinia wood to the modern appearance of the white acrylic inside of the cabin, complemented by the floor and shelving, also in wood. The plumbing fixtures are in chrome, and allow for many adjustments and changes of shower heads, water hoses and nozzles to provide an outstandingly personal experience. The Steam Shower Cabin is Duravit’s multifunctional shower, available for EUR €17,864 or USD $22,587.

Steam Shower from Linea Aqua - the Apollo shower

A bubble of repose - the Apollo steam shower from Linea Aqua is clearly ahead of its time. With these futuristic looks you can travel to a galaxy of high temperature steam that relieves fatigue and has a curative effect on rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenic, and is an effective way to reduce weight. You would certainly make full use of water, the origin of all life, to heal your aches and pains. Furthermore, it’s so simple to use and maintain – the oversized Linea Aqua ‘Sunflower’ shower head has an easy clean system, and the gorgeous natural teak floor is fully removable. The 3KW steam generator is also accessible through the temperature or remote – putting you in control of creating your ideal steam environment. Contact Linea Aqua to make this superb shower a part of your ideal lifestyle.

Luxury Steam Shower from Glass Idromassaggio - the Anthropos shower

Peaceful, tranquil times of relaxation are yours with the Anthropos steam shower brought to you by Glass Idromassaggio. Hydromassage pinpoints sore muscles, increasing circulation and rejuvenating your senses. You need not choose between spa-style treatments… this shower also brings a ‘Raindance Air’ showerhead plus various sight and scent therapies to your home. It’s easy to escape the stresses of everyday living when you have this many options. With its minimalist anodized aluminium columns, the Anthropos luxury steam shower offers complete style to complement its surroundings. For more information, contact Glass Idromassaggio.

Steam Shower from Ideal Standard - the Tris shower

A stunning free-standing wood cabin, the Tris steam shower offers the function of shower, sauna and steam room in a surprisingly compact space. This option is ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of the natural wood grain. And with its compact style, even city-dwellers with limited space can enjoy all the health benefits of a shower cabin of a quality you might expect to find in a larger property in a rustic setting. Yet, the serene appearance of the natural wood belies the high technology within, the wooden control panel is framed by illuminated glass icons, and is the key to creating your personal luxury spa environments. Ideal Standard offers you the chance to bring the healing powers of water to your daily schedule in so many different ways.

Hansgrohe Steam Shower - the luxury WellSpring shower

Chromotherapy takes an exciting turn with the WellSpring built-in steam shower unit by Hansgrohe Pharo. Undulating colours enhance your bathing experience, taking you to a place of perfect relaxation. The LED light is maintainence-free, leaving you plenty of time to top up the herbs or oils of the aromatherapy unit. An ultimate perk for your home, this modern shower features a waterfall shower, raindome showerhead, handshower and body sprays, along with sound that allows for use with your own sound system. The WellSpring will take care of all aspects of your holistic well-being, whilst you enjoy the pampering in either a standing or seated stance (I or 2 seats are built-in). Hansgrohe Pharo presents this steam shower in two versions, the 130 and the 115.