For Snaidero, traditionally present at the Fair, the 2010 Eurocucina will be an opportunity to present its best designs, the outcome of longstanding research into socio-cultural developments and contemporary lifestyles in the home and the kitchen.


This year, the global setting will provide highly spectacular design and appeal, thanks to its elegant, lively and dynamic atmosphere. With a surface area covering 900m2, the design space immediately introduces visitors to the international nature of the Group and its attention to new markets, directing them to a display area where kitchens express “the private side of design”, each one with its own identity.


Past, present and future: the Snaidero kitchen solutions present at Eurocucina will reveal that true design is a timeless experience, a set of tangible and intangible values, which, adapting to the spirit of the times, never seizes to amaze. Snaidero’s talent for design is never improvised but part of its tradition and DNA.


Two of the four kitchens on show are by Pininfarina, which has already designed icon-products such as Ola, Idea, Acropolis and Venus for Snaidero, receiving many international acknowledgements including the Good Design Award. Since 1996, Snaidero has been granted this prestigious award from the Design Athenaeum of Chicago three times.

Snaidero confirms its devotion to traditional design in asking the prestigious company to work on two icons of its own style, the Ola and Idea kitchens, renewing their distinguishing features for more contemporary appeal and elegance while reintroducing the genuine nature of Snaidero’s great classics. It is a truly important challenge for Snaidero to continue its philosophy of enhancing its own history and culture of design, focusing on a renewed combination of tradition and invention.


Snaidero conveys a natural balance of tradition and innovation with its new kitchen design arising from its partnership with the architect Iosa Ghini. This kitchen design is based on the rationalized and simplified strategy of employing materials with low environmental impact, which express natural style and genuine taste, free from anything superfluous. Wood is the undisputed protagonist of a sustainable living solution that does not forgot aesthetic appeal and functionality.


Snaidero wishes to continue along this path with CODE, a new kitchen design soon to be launched on the market. The underlying theme of this solution is to convey maximum versatility in the home. Shapes are redesigned and lines are redefined to offer new living appeal with an “inverse code” that eliminates the superfluous for a creative and flexible layout, concentrating on colours and materials to express and customize space.


The newest feature of all will be Snaidero’s presence at FUORISALONE, with the official inauguration of the new “Snaidero Milano Interni” showroom, in the historic centre of Milan. This will be an excellent showcase for the best Snaidero designs, from the newest kitchens to the great classics that have marked the company’s history and success. The inauguration will take place on 15th April 2010 from 7pm - 10pm in Via De Amicis 12, Milan.


An important space will be dedicated to the Orange kitchen, Snaidero’s important solution to recent market changes, which, with its versatile nature, formal lightness and finely crafted structural details, is a refined industrial design solution. Its success has led to the recent inclusion of all the lacquered finishes in the Snaidero range and to a sophisticated glass version, with a design system to suit any space and any stylistic requirements.


In short, Snaidero has reserved many new features for Eurocucina, the outcome, as usual, of passion, research and a great ability to meet the requirements and demands of its customers, especially at this particular moment in time.


Eurocucina 2010

14 -19th April

Exhibition Hall 15, Stand A19 – B15