The best small bedroom ideas mean you won't have to compromise on style, no matter how tiny the space you are decorating. And we know that starting from scratch in a space that has... limited square footage can be daunting and you may feel limited by layouts, color schemes and furniture choice. But, as all these gorgeous tiny bedrooms prove, small bedrooms can have so much potential if you get creative.

So whether you have a compact master bedroom, a tiny children's room, or a bijou box room, we have plenty of decor tips and modern bedroom ideas to help you make the most of every square inch.

1. Wall-to-wall storage

This gorgeous master bedroom demonstrates one of the most popular small bedroom ideas, with built in storage that frames the bed area. The wall of fitted storage around the bed frees up floor space as there is no need for a clunky chest of drawers or freestanding wardrobe.

2. Recessed shelves

Recessed shelves allow little pockets to display books and decorative items, and also act as space-saving bedside tables. Bedroom storage is built-in so frees up floor space and looks cleaner than having traditional shelves protrude from the wall.

3. Hidden sleep zone

This stunning guest bedroom design by Beata Heuman makes the most of a small and unused room in the house – the curtains framing the bed are one of our absolute favorite small bedroom ideas. During the day it acts as a home office and reading room, but it doubles up as a spare bedroom for when the owners have visitors.

4. All about eaves

A cramped space was opened up in this modern loft conversion to create a tiny guest bedroom that can be accessed via steps in the study below it. The plywood-clad staircase cleverly incorporates storage and wardrobe space.

5. Nice nook

Casey Keasler transformed an awkward nook in this kid's room into a cozy sleep space. Trundle storage under the bed provides easy access to towels and linens, and also act as pull-out steps so small guests can reach the bed. A small, wall-mounted reading light is a space-saver too, while the wood bed frame makes this space feel elegant, well designed and cozy.

6. Modern four poster

You might be thinking, four-poster bed in a small bedroom? Surely not. But in fact, a statement bed will not only add tons of drama, but it can also make a small bedroom feel bigger, alluding to more height and space.

7. Grown-up bunks

Bunk beds are one of the most commonly used small bedroom ideas for kids' spaces – but you can use them for guest spaces too.

These stylish, built-in bunks below have been designed with adults in mind – there is enough space so you don’t bang your head when getting into bed. We think it makes for a rather fun guest bedroom.

8. Floating shelf

Wall lights mean there's no need for a clunky bedside table with table lamp. A floating shelf beside the bed provides ample space for resting a glass of water on.

And take note of the bedroom wallpaper idea here too. Rather than wallpapering all the way up to the ceiling, the print stops at the picture rail so you still get all that lovely pattern, but it doesn't overwhelm the room because there's plenty of contrast with the white ceilings. This is also a great tip if your small bedroom has low ceilings too.

9. Bespoke beds

To really make the most of every square inch in a room, going bespoke is your best bet as it means that a bed can stretch wall to wall (without leaving award pockets of wasted space), and can be personalized with USB sockets, wall lights, and even built-in trundle drawers or bookshelves.

10. Headboard storage

Building a frame behind the bed with a shelf and an alcove drawer, is the perfect headboard idea for a bedroom that has limited space for storage. It provides easy to access space for lamps, books etc and you can free up even more floor space with divan drawers too.