After years in the making, the boutique hotel known as Casona Sforza has finally opened its doors to the public. Nestled on a sandy Puerto Escondido beachfront in Oaxaca, Mexico, the retreat was conceived by entrepreneur Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza with environmental and social sustainability in mind.

An expansive, circular pool extends a warm welcome to guests, offering plenty of space to soak and lounge. The shores of Puerto Escondido are located just steps away.

Inspired by vernacular traditions, the contemporary hotel blurs the lines between inside and out. Soaring, arched ceilings cap the open-air structure, enhancing its grand proportions, while also improving air circulation.

"On the coast of Oaxaca-where the delta of the Colotepec River flows into the ocean-the surrounding cypresses, mangroves, and oaks embrace this refuge and offer visitors a chance to reencounter the essence of a natural beauty that is stripped of artifice," says Ayarza Sforza.

The interior spaces house an eclectic mix of regional designs, including rugs from Teotitlán del Valle and textiles from the Oaxaca Valley. Hammocks and lounge chairs from the Yucatán further elevate the bohemian aesthetic.

The hotel was built with sand-yellow bricks, a locally produced material that reflects the sun’s rays, keeping the rooms cool without the need for air conditioning.

To bring his vision to life, Ayarza Sforza commissioned renowned Mexican architect Alberto Kalach, who developed the hotel’s unique structure using ancient forms such as arches and vaults. Asymmetric volumes merge with clean lines of brick and stone to create a seamless indoor/outdoor experience.

Many of the spa-like ensuite bathrooms include oversized soaking tubs.

While five of the 11 suites are located on the ground floor, the other six are housed on the upper level and include private balconies.

In total, Casona Sforza offers 11 vaulted suites, which are split into three categories: junior, senior, and master. Each space has a calming neutral palette, dressed in natural textiles and furnishings of local and regional provenance. Many of the hotel’s decorative elements are sourced from small-scale artisans in the Oaxacan highlands, who participate in workshops put on as part of Pueblo del Sol-a sustainable production project whose work is supported by Casona Sforza.

"In this peaceful haven, time passes at a pace that favors harmonious reflection amidst all the comforts of home," says Ayarza Sforza.

In addition to a large terrace, the suites on the ground floor also come with small, private pools.

According to Ayarza Sforza, the hotel’s cuisine also reflects the importance of ecological and social responsibility. "The culinary vision is based on the farm-to-table principle, ensuring the freshness of the ingredients in every dish, which come from local producers who make use of non-intensive, seasonal farming processes."

The hotel’s gathering areas feature lush, native greenery and a vibrant mix of locally crafted products from the Oaxacan region.

The large saltwater pool is ringed by concentric circles.

In addition to reconnecting with nature, guests at Casona Sforza can sign up for private yoga sessions, massages, and surf lessons. Various outdoor excursions-such as dolphin and whale watching trips-are also offered to introduce visitors to the area and its natural treasures.

The hotel showcases the beauty of its natural setting, including the changing sunsets, the sounds of the ocean, and the sea breezes-all of which can be sensed inside and out.

At night, spotlights peppered throughout the communal areas create a cozy ambience.

The layout of Casona Sforza