The idea is especially great when decorating bathrooms but this can also be a useful feature in bedrooms, dressing rooms and potentially in other environments where an airy and open decor is desirable. Let’s check out how others integrated the over-the-door mirror concept in their own interesting designs.

DIY over the door mirror installation

As practical and as space-efficient as over-the-door mirrors are they still have downsides. The fact that they’re attached to the door itself can be bothering in some cases, especially if the mirror is not firmly secured onto the door and makes sound or moves around when you open and close the door. To solve that issue and still have access to a mirror a solution can be to hang it on the wall behind the door, assuming the space is not already occupied. This clever alternative idea comes from thediyplaybook.

In case you’re wondering, you can add a mirror to a sliding door. If anything, that allows you to have a larger mirror and to give it a nice built-in and more robust look by making part of the door. That requires building a custom frame around the mirror and if you combine that with the option of building your own sliding barn door from scratch you can come up with a really cool and stylish design. There’s a tutorial explaining this whole process on swiftfit so check it out before you start making plans.

5 Best over the door mirror systems

Americanflat Over the Door Mirror

Now that you have some ideas about how you can save space with over-the-door mirrors and how you can incorporate them into your home’s design and décor, it would be helpful to check out a few actual products that you could potentially choose from. One is this Americanflat mirror which has a nice and simple black MDF frame and which can fit on a variety of different types of doors. It’s tall and slender and comes with adjustable metal brackets.

Super Deal Upgraded 2in1 Jewelry Cabinet

If you’re really short on space it might be a good idea to take full advantage of the fact that you can hang accessories on doors. This is a really cool combo between a mirror and a jewelry cabinet. It’s still compact enough to fit easily over the door without weighing it down too much or being too bulky but at the same time it adds some storage for jewelry and a few other small things like hair slips or potentially some makeup products. That makes it a great accessory for small bathrooms.

PexFix Door Mirror Full Length

The PeFix mirror is designed to be highly durable and to maintain a sleek and stylish profile. It has a frame made out of aluminum alloy and it comes in a variety of beautiful finish colors like this champagne one for example. You can easily adjust the height and position the mirror exactly the way you want it to. It can be hanged on the back of a door or directly onto a wall.

Elevens Aluminum Frame Door Mirror

The Elevens mirror is also a very stylish and practical option, whether you choose to hang it on a door or on a wall. It has a minimalistic design with a very simple and thin aluminum frame and it comes with two hooks that allow you to adjust the height as needed and that fit over most types of doors. It’s a practical and versatile mirror for spaces like the entryway, bathroom, walk-in closets and so on and great for dorm rooms and other tiny spaces. The frame comes in a variety of different colors so you can match the mirror to your décor.

GISSAR Jewelry Mirror Armoire Wall Mount

This over-the-door mirror doubles as a storage cabinet. Inside it has a set of shelves and hooks for things like jewelry, toiletries, makeup products and lots of other items and it’s very compact and slender plus it fits on the back of the door so it’s hidden most of the time. It’s all conveniently combined with a mirror which makes it perfect for small bathrooms that are short on storage space.

Inspiration ideas with mirrors over the door

An over-the-door mirror on a sliding door is a great combo for small bathrooms. It’s a way to maximize the usable space in the room and to also make it seem larger by adding depth to the decor.

When you think about it, there’s no reason not to put a mirror on the bathroom door. It can be an addition to the already existing wall mirror that usually sits above the sink/ vanity.

Not everyone enjoys having mirrors in the bedroom but for lack of a separate dressing room, this can actually be a very practical idea. Over-the-door mirrors can be installed on the wardrobe cabinet.

When you have a large walk-in closet or dressing room a large mirror is a must. Still, why waste space with a wall-mounted or freestanding mirror when you can have an over-the-door mirror attached to a practical storage cabinet?

Large mirrors can be a bit intimidating, especially when they’re a part of a bedroom’s interior design. This chic lattice door design featured here is a wonderful twist to the usual plain mirror, bringing a nice pattern into the room which is in harmony with the rest of the space.

What a great way to deal with a long and narrow kitchen layout…the huge over-the-door mirrors drastically open up the space and make it seem bigger and brighter. The white-themed decor is another factor that contributes to that.

Now you see it…now you don’t. This desk and all the storage around it completely disappear when the mirrored doors are used to form a wall in front of them.{found on Contentarchitecture}.

There a few different ways in which you can install an over-the-door mirror. Some mirrors are specially designed for that and come with hanging hardware. For example, this is the Garnes mirror from Ikea.

Here’s another mirror designed specifically to be hanged over a door. It has a steel frame and an engineered wood back panel and it hangs with two hooks. You can find out more details about it from Crateandbarrel.

You can basically have a large mirror anywhere you want in your home but unless you’re opting for an over-the-door mirror or a freestanding version you’ll most likely have to drill holes in the walls to install it. This beautiful design from Potterybarn lets you skip that inconvenient part. All you need in order to enjoy this mirror is a door.

The Clara mirror is recognizable by its simple and clean frame and subtle molding. It’s very easy to install and it has a convenient size for bathrooms.

This 3-way over-the-door mirror offers three different angles to admire yourself from. It has a metal frame and, if you flip it over, it has a dry-erase board on its back. Hang it on the door to save space and gain style.

What could be even better than a space-saving over-the-door mirror? One that also has storage. We found one on PBteen. It’s a round mirror with a frame and hooks made of iron and sheet metal and comes with an attached shelf and small hooks for hanging clothes, jewelry, towels and other accessories.

This is a great placement for a mirror. It’s in a corner, at the end of a hallway and it opens up the whole space. In addition, it’s not merely decorative. It’s actually attached to a door that conceals a series of storage shelves.

This large walk-in closet has a multitude of over-the-door mirrors. They create a chic and glamorous decor and they open up the space. Even though there are no windows and no natural light in here, the space is very bright.{found on Closetfactory}.

Bathrooms are probably the ones that benefit the most from over-the-door mirrors since they’re usually small. This one stands out and it’s not because of the size. What we love most about it is the sliding barn door.{found on Brickhousecompany}.

If you’re not a fan of large mirrors on the closet doors and yet you recognize their practicality, perhaps this can be of some inspiration to you. These are indeed over-the-door mirrors but they’re installed on the interior of the closet.

Sliding doors are very practical, stylish and space-efficient on their own and a mirror only enhances those qualities, especially in bathrooms. Make the space seem even bigger and brighter by using light colors, glass shower dividers and even more mirrors on the walls.

Think of an over-the-door mirror as a feature designed to reflect what’s most beautiful in a room, such as a view, a painting, a nice piece of wall art, furniture or the color of an accent wall.