These gorgeous kitchens, featuring dark or black kitchen islands, provide contrast to the surrounding countertops and cabinetry, or match the already deep tones of the space. Take a look below to find inspiration for this trend.

Contemporary Industrial

Stainless steel contrasts with a dark island and shades of white in this Nate Berkus Associates kitchen.

Retro Blues

A dark brown island centers this retro-inspired contemporary kitchen by CWB Architects.

Navy Blue & Geometrics

A livable contemporary kitchen space by Lindsey Coral Harper Interior Design.

White Arboretum Kitchen

A fresh, white kitchen space by Hyde Evans Design.

Black & White Charleston Residence

Black metals and dark materials in a sophisticated open living space by SLC Interiors.

Classic Contemporary

Gold lighting glimmers in this elegant kitchen space by Sheree Stuart Design.

Cottage Kitchen

Drop pendants over a dark, solid island by Jennifer Worts Design.

Leather & Chrome Details

Modern sculptural pendants draw the eye to a beautiful dark island and leather seating by Martin Group.

Luxe Mixed Materials

A beautiful Upper East Side kitchen with marble countertops by Douglas C. Wright Architects.

Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Open doors light up this contemporary kitchen with eclectic details by K Interiors.

Geometric Backsplash

A dark, oversized island in a kitchen by Jaycox Architects & Associates.

Sophisticated Symmetry

Black cabinetry trim echoes sleek black details in this beautiful space by Jennifer Worts Design.