The first is the Paradigm Vista system, a strictly a speaker set-up including Paradigm's new Millenia S1, C1 and ADP1 loudspeakers. It has front and rear speakers which are designed for bookshelf mounting but can be also be used with floorstands. It sells for $5,100
The Paradigm Impact system is a slim floorstanding system designed for places where space is at a premium. It sells for $11,400.
The Paradigm Prestige system uses Paradigm's Studio Series speakers with Anthem Statement amplification and AV processing. The system is designed for high-end sound but is also compact enough to sit on a bookshelf. It sells for $19,800.
The top-of-the-line system is the Paradigm Elitist, the ultimate Paradigm entertainment system that uses a preamplifier/processor combination from the Anthem Statement Seriesd with Paradigm's Seismic 12 subwoofer and floorstanding Studio Series loudspeakers for deep bass, low distortion and exceptional definition. It sells for $23,600.

Paradigm Prestige System

Paradigm Vista System

Paradigm Elitist System

Paradigm Impact System