• Lollipop sticks from craft store
• Yellow tissue paper
• Green tissue paper
• Scotch tape
• Medium-size, foil-wrapped chocolate egg
• Chocolate cupcake
• Chocolate cookie crumbs
• Small flowerpot (new)

Step 1: Make the "stem." To do: Cut out a thin half-inch strip of green tissue. Wrap the strip around your lollipop stick until it is covered; affix with tape.

Step 2: Next, make the flower petals from your yellow paper. Cut out a 3-inch circle, fold it in half, and then fold it into thirds — folding in the two sides to create a wedge shape. Using scissors, round off the edges of the wide end to make a single "petal" shape, leaving the pointy, folded end connected. Cut the tip of the point off to create a hole (you'll stick the stem though here later). When you unfold your paper you will have a flower with six petals.

Step 3: Cut a 2 1/4- by 5-inch piece of yellow tissue paper. Wrap loosely around your egg, twisting it at the bottom to create a "cup" around the egg. Tape to the stem to secure.