Design ideas for the home matter more than ever, so we've canvassed the design cognoscenti for their design resolutions for the year ahead.

Whatever style of modern interior design appeals to you, there are ideas a plenty - from joyful spaces and luxe home offices, to buying better and channeling nature.

So before you decide what to do with your abode in 2021, read on and see if inspiration strikes.

Jonathan Adler


“My resolution for 2021 - Two words: eccentric glamour. My goal is to be the most eccentric and glamorous version of myself that I can be. After a sobering year I am embracing sybaritic style, and I exhort you to do the same. We owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to the world!”

Tricia Guild


“January 21 and a new year dawns. I always love the sense of hope that a new year can bring and goodness knows this year – we need hope more than ever.

This year and this season, our new collections offer a contemporary look at artistry and decorative design. I think this image shows just how perfectly a decorative and intricate design looks in a very modern space. Flowers and embellishment are most definitely very this year!”

Hayley Robson


"Our New Year’s resolution is to have a hedonistic approach to 2021! With our well-being and mental health a priority, we want to ensure that the homes we design provide joy. What we do, how we live and the actions that we take are the way to achieve TRUE happiness.”

Jo Berryman


"The elements and nature will govern my design direction. I will continue to up play textures and unlikely juxtapositions. Devoré velvets in muted, earthy tones. Undulating shapes and ombré effect colour play. This carpet is inspired by the contours and dessert terrain of the Mojave desert”

Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays and Anna Zaoui


"This year we are skipping the winter settings characteristic of January-March and fast forwarding straight to spring time with a welcome dose of optimism... We are excited to breathe fresh air, refresh the house, de-clutter the cupboards, change the scenery - replace Christmas decorations with fresh cut flowers and home-made arrangements, swap out the current candles for new smells we have never used before, and curate the table for lighter meals with clean, crisp white linens and delicately hued objets."

"Having spent much of 2020 refining our homes and interiors, we now resolve to add a few special, art style pieces ~ the ceramics by Guido De Zan ‘Architettura’, stools by Pinto, bronze chandelier by Hubert Le Gall and many other treasures in bright green or red by Jean Roger. In short ~ we just want to have our fireworks back again!".

Tara Bernerd


“We have long been associated with timeless design as a practice. Our resolution for the year ahead, is to strive further to constantly make our designs durable as well as alluring, so that they quite literally stand the test of time. At The Empire Suite at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, we chose Henge’s Oxymoron Table designed by Massimo Castagna for its exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful burr wood finish, which coordinates so well with Gubi’s K9 Chairs finished in a rich Cognac leather and cream piping.”

Tiffany Duggan


"This year we're going to buy more from small, independent local businesses and makers wherever possible.

We'll also hold a Studio sale to sell on a large number of accessories etc that we have collated over time following project installations to prevent them being disposed off."

Martin Waller


“2021 brings with it the continuation of home working, and so the home office becomes ever more pertinent. This year we will be embracing combining a wide range of materials to create an uber luxe and inspirational workspace. From tactile faux shagreen and deep pile velvet, to sleek chrome and hammered iron there’s an abundant wealth of textures to choose from.“

Enass Mahmoud


"My 2021 design resolution for me is to gain an international client (preferably somewhere hot). I would love to work on a space that is based in a different continent. I believe that being able to travel and explore homes from around the world really does help enrich your creative process. It would be a dream to decorate a property somewhere like LA or Dubai!"