Glass wall dividers are great at keeping the spaces separate but still allowing them to be linked together. Glass walls and partitions are also very versatile and can be adapted and customized to fit in a variety of different settings. Let’s have a look at a few examples.

A modern loft apartment with an office behind a glass wall

This is the stylish interior of an apartment located in Moscow. It’s been beautifully furnished and decorated by studio Cartelle Design and it has some really cool and inspiring features that we can’t wait to share with you. One of them is the glass wall which divides the home office from the living area. This is an office for two and although it is technically a separate room it also feels a lot like a part of the social area. This is a great way to create a dedicated office space without isolating it from the rest of the apartment.

A studio apartment with a glass bedroom wall

We love the modern-industrial design of this studio apartment. The exposed concrete adds a lot of character to the design and is beautifully softened and toned down by the wood, the clean white walls and the layered textured introduced by the furniture and the decorations. What also stands out is the wall which separated the bedroom from the rest of the apartment. It’s made of glass with curtains which can be used for added privacy.

A Parisian loft with skylights and glass doors

This lovely apartment in Paris was designed by Maxine Jensens Architecture and although it’s not very big it does feel very spacious and airy. There are multiple reasons for that, one being the fact that it has big windows which open it up to the exterior and that let lots of natural sunlight inside. It also has skylights which bring even more light in from above. Last, but not least, the interior spaces are organized through a series of glass dividers. The bedroom for instance is almost completely encased in glass.

A spacious apartment with smart glass partitions

In case you’re wondering, there are multiple different types of glass which can be used to create interior partitions and space dividers. One of them is smart glass which has the unique ability of becoming matte and that means it offers the privacy that is needed for a space such as the bedroom for example. It was used here by studio 33bY Architecture to create a sliding wall divider between the bedroom suite and the rest of this spacious apartment from Ukraine.

Swedish apartment with a bedroom encased in glass

As you’ve probably noticed, using glass wall partitions to separate the bedroom from the rest of the spaces is quite common, especially in the case of small apartments. It’s a design strategy which allows the floor space to be used more efficiently and which also keeps these spaces interconnected but at the same time makes it clear where the physical boundaries between them are. This Swedish flat is a very good representation of that.

A gorgeous villa with curved glass walls

It’s not just the interior room dividers that help to make this villa look gorgeous and to fill it with light and beauty but also the exterior walls as well. a first glimpse at it reveals these massive glass walls which curve smoothly around the corners and which crate a transparent envelope around the interior spaces. The roof and the floor extend beyond that, giving this feeling of being both indoor and outdoor. This magnificent villa was designed by studio 123DV.

A stylish apartment with sliding and pivoting doors

Just because lots of modern apartments feature interior glass walls and partitions doesn’t mean they’re all alike. In each case we’re looking at a unique adaptation of this interior design strategy. This apartment from Amsterdam was designed by studio Denoldervleugels and part of its charm is the integration of the glass room dividers but also the matching pivot door and sliding door which are seamlessly incorporated into these partitions.

Futuristic clubhouse with a transparent interior

This riverside clubhouse from Vancheng, China was a project completed by studio TAO (Trace Architecture Office). It’s a big, futuristic-looking building with a sculptural shape and an eye-catching geometry. Its design is very pure and minimalistic and glass is a very important part of it. The interior is exposed to the beautiful surroundings through full-height windows and huge glass walls and the interior is just as open and airy thanks to the glass partitions.

A contemporary house with a flexible layout

The Mariana House is located in Mexico and was designed and built by studio LABarq. It’s a really beautiful building with big brick exterior walls perforated by large windows and openings. The interior is inviting, spacious and really flexible thanks to the way in which the different areas are connected to one another. They feature sliding doors and pivoting glass partitions which can be opened up to create custom setups for various types of activities. The glass partitions also help to bring these interior spaces closer to the beautiful natural surroundings.

A London townhouse with a perforated design

This London townhouse is five storeys high but quite narrow so studio Andy Martin Architecture had to be clever when redesigning it. They wanted to fill the interior spaces with light and to give them a breezy and airy feel. They achieved that by incorporating various perforated surfaces into the new interior design. For example, they used glass pavement lights on the ground floor which let natural light get down into the basement, they introduced a perforated steel wall through the center which adds a sense of transparency and they also relied on glass partitions between some of the spaces to create a sense of openness.

An organic residence design which curves around the landscape

Villa K is located in Alkmaar, in Holland and was designed by studio Architectencsk. It has a very distinctive and impressive design that has a very organic feel to it. The building curves smoothly and seamlessly around the beautiful landscape, allowing panoramic views to be enjoyed from all the rooms. What makes this experience special is the glazed facade which is also curved and forms this beautiful hallway that connects all the different interior spaces. Glass walls and partitions were also used in other forms throughout this magnificent residence.