Whether you’re saving space or highlighting a room’s architecture, a lofted bedroom offers function and form without much sacrifice. Plus, there’s nothing cooler than a cozy nook-situated above a main living space-for resting your head at night. While making the most of this small space may present its design challenges, nailing the look will undoubtedly pay off.

See 21 lofted bedroom designs below, which are guaranteed to take your style to new heights.

1 Swedish Splendor

Minimalism makes it easy to stay tidy in this small loft space, which overlooks the kitchen and is complete with a bedside stool from Åhléns.

2 English Countryside

Inspired by a ship's berth, hotelier and designer Anouska Hempel crafted a wood-clad loft in her Wilshire manor, complete with painted stripes on the floor and wall.

3 Reclaimed Wood

In a modern loft designed by JN Interior Spaces, a reclaimed wood ladder leads the way to a cozy loft bed, which rests atop a hague blue Murphy bed for the ultimate space-saving layout.

4 Venice Townhouse

In the loft-style guest bedroom of jeweler Antonia Miletto's 16th-century home, crisp white walls extend to the ceiling, which, paired with a low-profile bed, makes the compact space feel much larger.

5 Whimsical Kids' Room

A kids' playroom and loft by BGD&C Custom Homes has the style factor fit for any adult, with its striking round window and slanted, wood-paneled walls.

6 Quaint Cottage-Style

Interior design firm Sims Hilditch fashioned a classic cottage-style bedroom, with a neutral palette and star-printed lampshades to bring the eye upwards.

7 Converted Garage

A small garage was creatively converted into a two-bedroom loft, combining a Murray bed with a loft-style bed above.

8 Country Charm

Built-in beds in this quaint loft are dressed with linens from True Blue and pillows from H&M and Afroart, complete with storage beneath to optimize the petite space.

9 Treehouse Living

In a a sky-high Florentine loft-propped atop stilts-the bed is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, opening up the space while uniting it with nature.

10 Beachhouse Style

In the Fire Island home of fashion designer Geoffrey Bee, stairs lead up to a spacious loft area, with a horizontal paneled railing to keep the bedroom private.