Twenty windows displays, each the work of a notable interior decorator, will pay homage to a stylish Hollywood movie. The displays are in conjunction with the Legends of La Cienega 2010: Celebrate Hollywood, a two-day event honoring design on the silver screen and TV.

Legends of La Cienega event pays tribute to Hollywood - Hollywood

An homage to "Auntie Mame," above, at Baker furniture (360 N. La Cienega Blvd.) is among the displays. The 1958 Rosalind Russell comedy features an array of eye-popping interiors and one grand staircase that the title character uses to make dramatic entrances. The movie, which features Hollywood Regency, Asian and Danish modern interiors, is often cited by interior designers as an inspiration.

It was created by Jaime Rummerfield, far right, and Ron Woodson, left, of Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design. With the help of muralist Len Greco, center, on the scaffolding, the team created a  backdrop that conjures up the glamour of the film's Manhattan apartment foyer.