Instead of remodeling this huge structure to fit it with the usual design of a fountain, even that has been give some change,with the fountain shooting water downwards instead of up.

The fountains at the Banpo Bridge were installed on September ninth and have since become a major tourist attraction. It has nearly 10 thousand nozzles ( more exactly 9, 380 ) on either side of the bridge that shoots out 190 tons of water every minute. According to the Seoul mayor, Oh Se-Hoon, the fountain bridge would help acknowledge Seoul as an eco-friendly destination amassing more tourists. But unless the fountain is being used as a means of harnessing energy, the eco-friendliness of this fountain is skeptical.

Finally for those of you who want more than a few pictures, here is a video with this new project in action. I’ve noticed that for some people the video is not available due to country restrictions, but you can see it here using a proxy.