If your interior style leans Scandinavian anyway Swedx might be just the thing, as the woods are certainly warmer than than those old beige or black or fakey silver plastic casings we're all so used to for electronics.

Swedx claims its products are 'recyclable' - but as with all electronics, it would be more accurate to say "able to be dismantled for some downcyclable bits." Swedx TVs and computer screens are assembled from Samsung components and birch or mahogany casings. If you want to go all the way, you can also get a matching wooden mouse. But here's the big but - wood may be renewable, but wrapping it around a TV or monitor doesn't actually equal an eco-friendlier product. The great UK-based web site sust-it shows Swedx models to be generally more energy intensive than alternatives such as Sony's. via ::SlashGear