California-based EV company Canoo recently unveiled its latest offering, the MPDV (multipurpose delivery vehicle)-and its faceted form bears more than a passing resemblance to the Tesla Cybertruck. The MPDV is set for full-scale production in 2023 with pricing starting at $33,000-an enticing figure compared to other vehicles in its class.

Canoo’s new multipurpose delivery van will be available in limited numbers in 2022, with full-scale production launching in 2023.

Two models, the MPDV1 and MPDV2, are available for preorder, with a larger model to be unveiled in the near future.

"We created our multipurpose delivery vehicle-from the inside out-with the ergonomics of the driver in mind, and with attention to detail to help them be happier and more productive at work," says Canoo’s executive chairman Tony Aquila. "The vehicle is affordable and offers greater cargo capacity than the current electric delivery offerings in its class. We aim to lower the total cost of ownership and increase return on investment for everyone from local small business owners to large fleets."

The van’s side hatch makes for the perfect food truck.

The MPDV’s interior can be customized to suit the driver and business.

The MPDV is designed to serve a wide range of customers-including last-mile delivery companies and small, independent businesses that need a spacious and affordable vehicle to haul their gear-and it can be customized to meet the needs of the buyer. With the vehicle’s sleek design and focus on function, we can’t help but think about all the cool ways it could be converted for life on the open road.

"We are building vehicles that are ideal solutions for specific use cases, such as a food truck or last-mile delivery solution, and a nomad lifestyle is no exception," says a company spokesperson. "We have a deep appreciation for the outdoors and adventure, so we’d love to be able to create something that can be used that way."

To the left of the driver’s seat, an inset panel holds devices at the ready while on the road.

The vehicles’s bidirectional onboard charger and plethora of ports allow off-grid device and tool charging.

Despite its compact footprint, the van’s interior offers 30 percent more parcel volume than other leading delivery vehicles. Canoo is gearing up to launch two models-the 92-square-foot MPDV1 with 230 cubic feet of cargo volume, and the 123-square-foot MPDV2 with 500 cubic feet.

Trappings include a bidirectional onboard charger that can be used to power tools like electric saws, drills, and air compressors in off-grid locations. Drivers who need access to devices can have a workstation installed to the left of the driver’s seat.

The MPDV’s voluminous cargo area can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications.

The MPDV is designed to make multiple stops on a single charge and go further per kilowatt than similar EVs. High-tech software supports the driver, and a steer-by-wire system will allow for self-driving capabilities once they are commercially available.