I was writing about Earth tones as an interior trend back in 20216 and nowadays it looks like the popularity of earthy colors – browns first – is only at the beginning.

The reason is quite simple: earth tones, with their warmth, make us feel comfortable and bring us a feeling of safety. We need these kind of feelings especially in the times we are living now, and our homes have become the place where to find them. Looking at the interior images on magazines, Instagram and websites of this period, I am sure you will notice how this color trend is very popular now.

Then, how to Decorate with earth tones, such as for example with brown? Be inspired by these tips and beautiful interiors I collected for you.

Tip 1

Match different browns and wood

Brown is a warm neutral and you won’t be wrong by pairing it with wood. If you think this kind of decoration may be boring, consider that the color range that goes from dark chocolate to light beige, so you have actually a wide palette to choose from. Make sure to use this palette on a light background in warm whites, otherwise it may look a bit dark.

Tip 2

Work with opposites


Since brown – and earthy colors in general – are really warm, you can also choose to play with its opposite, grey. Grey plus brown is in fact one of the best colour combinations you can choose for your living room, a really chic and timeless one.

Tip 3

A less conventional color palette



If you are looking for a less predicted color combination to decorate with browns, have a look at the images below. The warmth of earthy browns ( such as tans and caramels) is balanced with a cold but very soft color, mauve. Traditionally, brown + pink is a bad color combination, but it all depends from the kind of hue you choose!

Tip 4

Layers of fabric



Now sure about painting or choosing a piece of furniture in brown? You can always play with earthy tones in your decor by choosing some textiles in browns, as in the Swedish home I am sharing below.

Tip 5

Total look in earth tones



Are you a fan of the Seventies? Consider painting the walls in a vintage caramel brown. The color works really well both in a minimalist space inspired by Scandinavian design, but also in a totally different design inspired by bohemian vibes.

Tip 6

With total white

Last, a small touch of warm brown is what makes the difference inside a decor in total white. Have a look at the interior below!