Designed by Cornwall-based architecture firm Studio Arc, built by Davey Construction, with interiors by Jess Clark, this 49-square-foot, one-bedroom property-which is available for rent through Unique Home Stays-was named The Hide, thanks to the "bird hide" concept that inspired its form.

Formerly two annex buildings that were part of an existing heritage thatch cottage, The Hide was fully revamped with concrete and silver-wood shingles to create a simple, streamlined exterior.

The aged concrete has a distinctly contemporary feel, while the sections of wood-shingle walls bring a little fairytale magic to the concept.

A series of small, square-like, peephole windows were cut out from the concrete to simulate the patina of dappled sunlight that shines through the trees outside.

Two large and angled overhanging windows draw in plenty of sunlight and are perfect for bird watching in the day and stargazing at night.

These suspended windows blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces by introducing views of the garden into the living area and bedroom.

From the compact, open-plan living and kitchen area, wooden sliding doors open to a bedroom, where the top section of the king-size bed fits snugly into a large overhanging window that overlooks the garden.

The en suite concrete bathroom is fitted with a wooden double sink, a cast-concrete bathtub, and a rain shower with garden views.