Green Accent Wall

An olive green accent wall introduces depth and personality to this neutral living room. The furniture, window treatments, rugs, and accessories combine natural materials and textures that blend beautifully with the earth-tone color. Painting the rest of the walls, ceiling, and interiors of the built-ins white helps maintain a bright, open look.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Try green in the kitchen for a fresh, inviting look. These cabinets were updated using a soft, sage green that blends perfectly with the creamy-white and wood tones used throughout the space. Pairing green with natural materials, such as a nubby jute rug and butcherblock countertops, offers plenty of visual variety without the need for additional colors.

Green Jewel Tones

Leafy-patterned wallpaper makes a stylish statement in this dining room. Bare wood floors and a dark dining table anchor the room and balance the bright walls. A similar green hue is picked up again on the malachite place mats and in the wall art. Vivid purple and sapphire accents continue the jewel-tone motif.

Mint Green Kitchen

This charming kitchen uses a pale mint green color to make cabinetry stand out. A white subway tile backsplash and expertly placed accessories make the room feel homey but uncluttered. Industrial-style stools, an apron-front sink, and black gooseneck sconces give the kitchen a farmhouse twist.

Balanced Green Color Palette

In this living room, shades of green are applied in small doses for subtle yet impactful color. Olive tones appear on the fireplace mantel, accent chair, and throw pillows to add moody color amid white furniture and walls. Painting an existing piece of furniture or architectural element, such as the mantel, in a new, bold color can update a room in just one step.

Green Ceiling Color

A soft green ceiling color infuses this living and dining space with a cozy, welcoming ambience. Limited to the vaulted ceiling, the color doesn't compete with the variety of patterns found on the chairs, rug, and throw pillows. Containers filled with leafy plants are natural accents for the earthy green hue.

Complementary Green Color Scheme

As direct opposites on the color wheel, red and green make a natural pairing. In this bedroom, a bright red sofa teams up with a vibrant emerald rug. The same shade of green is found on a velvet accent chair, whose gold frame adds a touch of glam to the room. Because they appear in the same intensity, neither of the complementary colors falls flat.

Bold Green Entryway

Painting the doors and trim in a bright shade of shamrock adds playful color to this entryway. The unexpected shade perfectly matches the herringbone-patterned wallpaper. Neutral furniture and rustic brick flooring balance the bold doses of green, while metallic accents add shine.

Green Kitchen Tile

Chartreuse subway tiles energize this kitchen. Stretching all the way from the countertops to the ceiling and across the adjacent wall, the tiles create an eclectic style statement while also helping to cocoon the open kitchen. The vibrant green tiles offer a fun contrast to the utilitarian look of black countertops and stainless-steel cabinets and appliances.

Tranquil Green Bathroom

In this bathroom, sage green walls make the space feel relaxing and tranquil. The soft color of the upper walls mixed with white wainscoting and rich wood flooring creates visual interest without being too busy. A vintage area rug adds an extra layer of warmth to the bathroom, making it all the more inviting.