After nine months of idea generation and construction, Portuguese surfers Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro transformed a Mercedes Benz Actros into a two-story, mobile hotel. Known as the Truck Surf Hotel, the truck provides travelers with the opportunity to explore the best surf spots while adventuring through Europe and Africa.

As the truck moves from spot to spot, it's sure to stop at the most scenic, ideal surfing locations. Windows on the second level provide ocean views for guests.

Thanks to a built-in hydraulic system, the truck can expand and pop out to provide additional space when parked.

This modern, surf hotel-on-wheels provides flexible travel accommodations without compromising relaxation and comfort. The mobile hotel contains five guest rooms-four with bunk beds and one with a double bed-and can accommodate up to 10 guests. When parked, the upper floor expands through a built-in hydraulic system.

One double guest room anchors the upstairs sleeping quarters. Beach-inspired colors and imagery draw the ocean in.

The truck contains four bunk rooms, each with a small window looking out onto the ocean.

Wood walls draw nature in. Unique decorations, such as surfboards and ropes, create a beachy vibe on the interior.

On the first floor, there is a fully functional kitchen, dining area, lounge furniture, modern shower, a toilet room complete with an ocean view, and a terrace for soaking in the sunset. Designed with energy conservation in mind, the owners promote being good stewards of the land, hoping to create the smallest footprint possible through their trips.

Large windows draw in abundant daylight, while wooden panels provide warmth. Boasting air conditioning, a sound system, Wi-Fi, and a projection screen for viewing surf videos, the Truck provides modern amenities for travelers.

A full kitchen, lounge space, and dining area provide social quarters on the first floor of the bus.

Large sliding glass doors draw in plenty of daylight while providing beachfront access.

The mobile hotel is complete with a full shower and multiple water pressures. Uniquely decorated with wood planks and a water motif, the shower feels like an ocean retreat.

Located along the coasts of Morocco and Portugal, the truck is parked for two or three nights at different campsites or private land, touring hidden-gem surfing spots and lively towns. Although the unique hotel is small in comparison to a luxury resort, the authentic experiences which result are incomparable. Each tour, uniquely curated for the guests, includes not only surfing, but authentic cultural experiences and recreational activities, such as yoga, horseback riding, or boat rides.

The hosts, Eduardo and Daniela, are sure to make their guests feel right at home, while providing them with access to some amazing surf spots and cultural experiences.

Inflatable lounges are a travel-friendly way to soak up the sunshine.

Prices start at just $603 per week, including breakfast, accommodations, transportation, surf sessions, and equipment. Staying at the Truck Surf Hotel is sure to be an unforgettable holiday.