There's a reason why arcade games and pool tables are popular in bars and why playpens and parks are a thing: No matter our age, we just want to have fun at the end of the day (or all day and all night long). And if space allows, having your very own game room is, well, a game-changer. To get some game room ideas for kids and adults alike, check out these examples and take note, so you can make yours the very best entertainment space in the neighborhood. Ahead, thirty designer-approved game rooms that are so cool, you can finally cancel that season pass to your local amusement park.

Add a Cocktail Corner

This sleek monochromatic game room in the home of CB2 president Ryan Turf and his wife Jessica of Turf Design pulls out all the stops. Though the main attraction is the pool table, the table and sitting area on the periphery make this the perfect place for a night cap, too.

Build an Indoor Slide

There's cool playrooms and then there's this playroom designed by Studio DB. What could be a better game room addition than a twisty slide? When it's too cold to go to the park during the winter, your kids will still be able to slide all day long. Plus, it's visually unexpected, which gives the room an edge. See you later, Six Flags.

Make It Music-Friendly

A game room isn't complete without instruments. Take notes from this space designed by Peti Lau for a musician. The Yamaha grand piano anchors the room and sets the stage for the other instruments and music memorabilia lining the shelves.

Play Shuffle Board

Interior designer Michelle Gage is here to remind us that shuffleboard is the perhaps the best (and also most underrated) bar game there is. Who wants to play pool anyway?

Convert a Corner for Chess

If you have less space to work with or you fancy a more cerebral kind of game corner, create a stylish nook for chess matches. Studio Ashby paired kooky, psychedelic fabric with a graphic chess table.

Install An Indoor Swing

If you don't have enough room to build a slide, opt for an indoor swing instead. It'll make the playroom feel more personalized and unique. Plus, the swing set is always our first stop at the park anyway. This furry one by Studio DB makes it extra cozy. And if your kids have a swing to practice pumping their legs on, you can sit back and relax at the playground instead of pushing them.

Make It Multi-Purpose

In this billiard room designed by Heather Hilliard, there's something for everyone to do. Whether it's hanging out on the sofa with a good book or for family movie night, playing squash (yes, that's a home squash court behind that glass in the corner), or playing pool, this is the ultimate hang out space.

Get a Pinball Machine

We love how this console table in a space designed by Katherine Carter is decked out in old-school arcade games instead of traditional décor. Bring it to the next level with a pinball machine in your game room. Make it a coin-operated one if your neighbors start coming over to play too often.

Invest In a Pool Table

Pricey, sure, but pool tables can instantly elevate a room. Case in point: the one pictured here by Arent & Pyke. Even if you just put in somewhere like a basement, the entire space gets an upgrade. Oh, this old basement? I think you mean my billiard room. It even sounds swanky.

Create a Jungle Gym

With a game room this epic, you'll never need to leave the house again. Designed by Regan Baker, this space is heaven for active kids.