If you're going to take lessons in colorful interiors from any property, let it be from this kaleidoscopic jewel in a leafy neighborhood in Chiswick, South West London. The affluent 7-bedroom home, which is currently listed for £500,000 (approximately $6,887,530), is brimming with chromatic but elegant color interior tips that we can't wait to mirror in our homes throughout the brighter seasons ahead - and beyond.

Be warned: This Feng Shui consultant-owned modern home will leave you feeling completely inspired and in deep need of a new, brilliantly bold color scheme.

1. Play with texture

We just warned you this house was going to be bold, and this wasn't a drill. There is perhaps no greater place to begin to look for color tips than the audacious living room space - a turquoise utopia that is drenched in a deep oceanic hue.

As the power of green paint shows no sign of wavering, it is becoming increasingly common to see these equally natural blue/ green tones in this room. However, what makes this space so charismatic is its courageous combination of turquoise furnishings that mirror these full-bodied walls.

Can you ever have too much turquoise? Evidently not. The bold shade is broken up with different textures and shades allowing the room to sing and not look flat.

2. Mix and match cabinet colours

At first glance, the monochrome spectrum of the kitchen appears somewhat conventional, with its traditional white cupboards and black glazed worktops.

However, this kitchen can teach us an unorthodox color tip through its statement kitchen island, whose brazen burgundy shade creates a stark contrast to its conventional surroundings. Let this be a lesson that you don't need your kitchen island to reflect the colours on your kitchen cabinets.

This creates a stand-out piece that compliments the rest of the space without overpowering the heart of the home. We're suddenly feeling inspired to inject a wave of color into our minimalist kitchen interiors.

3. Give pink a grown up spin

The cast of Grease called - they want your home for their revamp of Beauty School Dropout.

It is initially hard to believe that this dry rosé infused paradise exists alongside the rich overflow of turquoise in the living room, but in many ways, they are the same.

While their colors are a spectrum apart, this saloon mirrors the living room's confident decorating technique, as in the same way, the soft furnishings mirror the color of the walls. Alongside the indulgent injection of pink, the saloon showcases a subtle flow between their accessories - with the artwork, lampshades, and flowers similarly working together in unison.

4. Be bold with a coloured bath

Is it any surprise that this stylish home is following one of the biggest interior crazes of the season? Yes, this bathroom epitomizes the colored sanitaryware micro trend through its moody free-standing tub, which sits in the center of the pastel-painted room. If this wasn't luxurious enough, the bath is crowned with a luxe chandelier because who says you can't indulge your bathroom in grandeur?

If you're tempted to follow the lead of this '80s-inspired bathroom but need another nudge, then trust the words of Founders and Directors of 1.61 London, Alexander, and Michael, who share these colors are a response to the widespread craving to create a 'bolder' space, with 'more character, life, color, and personality.'

'That is why we see a big rise in vintage styles, patterns, and color trends. Even the simplest and smallest design purchases can make a big aesthetic difference,' Alexander and Michael add.

5. Make a statement in the garden with a floating hedge

It's hard to pin-point one particular color tip from this exquisitely manicured garden, but if we had to try, it would have to be the floating hedge - the ultimate multi-colored exterior statement piece.

This wooden structure separates the paved bathing area from the verdant patch of manicured greenery, meaning this garden, just like the rest of the home, has it all. This property on Carlton Road, London, W5, is currently listed with Knight Frank.

Though we can't all pick up this home, we can still reflect its vibrant use of color in our own homes.