It’s a technique that tells you what colors to use and how to arrange them, where to put your furniture and all sorts of other great tips that have wonderful results. You don’t have to be a fanatic to admit that this can actually work. Let’s take one room at a time and see what exactly you can do to make it better.

You have to create balance in your home from the entrance. So ensure that you can start with the front door. Make sure it’s well-cared for, that it doesn’t squeak and has good-looking hardware.

The color of the front door is also important. In Feng Shui, if the door is facing north then you should use fire element colors like red, orange, yellow, purple or pink. If it’s facing north you can use blue and black.

In the case of a small foyer it’s not advisable to have a staircase that’s directly facing the main door entrance. If it’s a big foyer then this shouldn’t be a problem.

You should avoid having a mirror facing the main door. That’s because, according to this technique, the mirror pushes away all the good energy that’s about to enter the house.

The number also seems to be very important. Some house numbers are considered to be good while others are bad so you might want to look into numerology for this part.

-The living room-

A great living room is one that’s clutter free, organized and clean. It’s good in general for communication and it’s a great tip in general, not just Feng Shui-related.

In order to create a balanced décor in the living room, you should keep in mind that you have to use all five elements but in different proportions. Instead of completely eliminating one, just make it less obvious.

If you have a fireplace in the living room, then it would be best to avoid placing an aquarium directly near it. The fire and water elements interact and may create energy conflicts.

A nice tip would be to divide your living room into two areas. Each one would have dominant Feng Shui elements, colors and shapes and a balance should be crated between the two.

The windows in the living room should always be clean and clear. You should allow maximum natural light to enter the room but you should also be able to have privacy at night.

-The bedroom-

First of all, you should consider letting go of the TV, computer or exercise equipment. The bedroom should be a relaxing, quiet and tranquil space without any distractions.

You should also try to open the windows as often as possible or to use an air-purifier. This will keep the air fresh and full of oxygen and you’ll be able to better relax in the bedroom.

There are also a few other things you should not have in the bedroom. They include the TV and a mirror facing the bed. The mirror disrupts the harmony. However, you can place it somewhere else in the room.

The bed is very important. A great bed has a good headboard, a good mattress and good height. Beds that have built-in storage are considered to be bag Feng Shui because they don’t let the energy circulate.

The bed should be place in the area further from the door or diagonally from the door but never in line with the door. The bed should also have a good supporting wall behind it and should stay away from electric appliances.

-The kitchen-

A herb garden is a wonderful addition to the kitchen. It adds freshness and vibrant energy that connects you to nature. It’s also a healthy addition to the kitchen.

Here are some other Feng Shui tips for the kitchen: it’s not advisable to have the kitchen too close to the front door or to the back door. That’s because the energy can easily escape.

Also, the kitchen should have several levels of lighting. It should be spacious, clean, bright, airy and welcoming. The light is important so you should have a large window in the kitchen.

Even though there are a lot of things we need in the kitchen, it’s best to keep it simple and to not overload it with gadgets. Just include the items you absolutely need.

Also, try to always keep the clutter at bay. The kitchen should be clean at all times and it helps if the décor is well-organized as well. Don’t count on someone else cleaning after you.

-The bathroom-

Having a harmonious bathroom is not simple. First of all, choosing the location is important. Having a bathroom in the center of the house is usually considered bad Feng Shui.

A good idea would be crate a home spa in the bathroom. It would be a nice place where you should take a break from your problems and just relax. Combine water with the right elements to create a soothing space.

It’s also good to have mirrors in the bathroom. They enforce the presence of the water element and they’re also very practical. Of course, every bathroom usually has a mirror anyway.

Another nice tip is to have several sources of light in the bathroom. It’s good to have a large window but artificial light is also important. You can also have candles in here as well.

The scents are also important. You can use calming, invigorating, romantic or cleansing scents, depending on your mood or the atmosphere you want to create.

-The children’s room-

It’s not easy to create a great décor for the children’s room as an adult. But there are a few elements to take into consideration. One of them is fresh air that is a must for this room especially.

Kids love bold colors but you should also try to choose them so that they are harmonious. Find out which colors are best for your child and try to incorporate into the décor.

The children’s room should also be clean, organized and clutter-free. You should teach your child how to organize the toys and how to keep the room beautiful. It will help him later on as well.

You should consider including art in your child’s bedroom décor. You could very easily use children’s art that is usually very inspiring, creative, vibrant and unique. It’s also a great way to personalize the room.

Try to create a harmonious interior décor in the children’s room that would encourage learning. Decorate the desk or learning station with your child’s artwork as well as with happy photos.


In the case of the nursery, you should try to create a calm, tranquil and harmonious environment for your baby. Avoid making it look busy and cluttered and don’t use disturbing colors.

A nursery should have very few electrical appliances or none if possible. It’s best to make this room as safe and harmonious as possible so try to not include more than it’s absolutely necessary.

You should also be careful where you place the baby’s crib. It should not be close to the door and also not in line with the door. It’s basically the same thing as with the bed in the bedroom.

Use soft colors in the nursery. However, try to think out of the box. Don’t use the same old pink and blue. Try something different but make sure it’s soothing and calming, preferably a pastel.

You should also try to have different sources of light in the nursery. They should be used for different times of the day so there’s always a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere in the room.

-The office-

Here are some great tips for your home office: first of all, it’s important to have the home office as far from the bedroom as possible. It would also be nice to have a separate entry for this room.

When decorating your home office, try to be creative. Use your imagination and remember that this is your own personal space so you can decorate it any way in want. Make sure it reflects your character.

Keep in mind that the quality of air and that of light are very important in a home would be nice to have large windows which you should open and often as possible as well as great light all the time.

You should position your desk carefully. You should not have your back to the door and the desk should be positioned as far away from the door as possible and not in line with the door.

Your home office should also be clutter-free and organized. Don’t have any hidden clutter spots in the office as this will drain your energy and will affect your productivity and ability to concentrate.

-The dining room-

Generally, a round or oval table is considered better than a square or rectangular table. It’s because it brings people together and it allows them to better interact. But if you insist on having a square or rectangular table, at least make sure it has rounded corners.

The table should also be in proportion with the room. For example, if you have a large dining room then you should also have a large dining table. The chairs that go with the table should have a solid back.

When choosing the plates for the dining room table, you should first keep in mind that you need to like them. So decide which ones you are drawn to the most and then take a closer look at them.

Round plates are considered to be the most harmonious. However, square plates are not bad Feng Shui either. They just have a different energy which is slower and more grounding.

In terms of color, you should base on your choices on your personal preferences. Blue is generally a good color for dishes, especially if you’re on a diet. Red, orange and yellow are colors that stimulate the appetite.