The latest microtrend is here. Searches for feathered mirrors have increased by 202% on average, while demands for fringed mirrors jumping by 88%, and your wall is going to thank you for getting involved.

Their timeless allure means tasseled and feathers are taking over furniture stores and boutiques worldwide - from Le Redoute and Oliver Bonas to Esty's creative pieces - these pieces have never been quite so desirable.

We can’t say we are entirely surprised by the growing admiration for these striking furnishings as they continue to pay homage to other current home decor trends.

Wild feathered mirrors honor escapism, while vibrant 1970s interiors are revived through fringed and tasseled pieces. The nostalgic elements behind these daring decorative pieces are highlighted by Elnaz Namaki, lead designer at Elnaz Namaki Studio, who suggests the trend ‘coincides with the resurgence of tassels and fringes in fashion’.

Elnaz continued: ‘Interiors and fashion are often inextricably linked, and there is often crossover between fashion and interiors trends. The contrast materials are unique with the cold surface of the mirror alongside the fabric fringing/tassels, and this juxtaposition seems to be growing in popularity as well as the bohemian trend.'

Furthermore, Michelle Kear, Web Merchandiser for Homes at La Redoute, recognized the trend.

She shared: ‘Feathered and fringed mirrors have become a staple piece in our home, offering an easy way to inject a shot of warmth onto our walls.’

‘Pieces that make use of natural materials like sisal or rayung are increasingly popular due to the trend for bringing the outside in. Using natural fringe will bring a unique softness to a room, while a large inset mirror will help to open up a space to make it feel lighter, brighter and larger,’ she added.

The relationship between current trends is also further emphasized by David Harris, Design Director at Andrew Martin, who explains how these details have the power to transform your home into a glamorous vintage haven.

He urges us to ‘bring a touch of frivolity to your interiors with fringed and tassel details’ while emphasizing how this ever-popular trend adds ‘ a touch of real depth and texture’ to any room.

‘These tactile designs are perfect for adding a luxurious finish to your interior design projects,’ the designer added.

Alongside the already significant role that a mirror plays in our spaces, these feathered, fringed, and tasseled pieces will transform your room and showcase the wild side of your personality in the most fashionable way possible.

The only thing left to do is decide which way to go - are you team tassel, fringe, or feather?