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Ross Island is home to the largest Antarctic settlement, and the bones of a dinosaur like Jurassic Park's velociraptors. The population of Java is greater than the population of Australia. Santa Catalina Island (near Los Angeles) is where Ronald Reagan was offered his first acting role. And then there's the Fatboy Island. Just as versatile and easy to clean as its big brother, the Fatboy Island is a little sleeker, a little more orderly. And a lot rounder. If it came with a cabana boy, it might be the perfect island retreat.

Brand  Fatboy

Designer  Jukka Setala

Materials  Practical and easy to clean nylon material with a special coating. Rub with a damp cloth to keep it looking new.The inside filling is made of tiny EPS cylindrical pieces (Expanded Polystyrene Packaging.).

Dimensions  12" H x 47" D