Sitting on a slightly inclined slope of land with a swimming pool in the front yard, the modern house’s design is based on the feng shui belief that the water and mountain elements should be balanced.

Visitors enter through a series of elevated wooden platforms which lead to the pool. If you enter the house, you will notice that the first floor has the living and dining area offering a beautiful view of the front lawn and pool.

This lovely house presents a staircase that leads to the second floor and an open courtyard. The second level hosts the bedrooms, playroom and a family area. In the courtyard you can see a spiral staircase that takes you to an open rooftop terrace.

There you can entertain family and friends around the BBQ area. It is the perfect place for social gatherings or for relaxation if you want to enjoy the views the house has to offer.

The JKC1 House is a gorgeous modern home and a warm and welcoming place to land. It is a house where the outdoors are very important, thus creating an outstanding place to call home.