The houses were designed and built by Studio 804 and the project was completed in 2019. Everything is defined by sustainability and we’ll go over a few of the most important details right now.

The houses are positioned side by side with slightly different orientations

The glass facades expose the living areas to the outdoors and let the natural light in

Wood accents were incorporated into the design as a way to break up the white palette

The houses follow a simple A-frame design aesthetic with clean lines, glazed facades and stylish interiors. The white exteriors and reflective metal panels help to keep the houses cool during the summer. The structures are also well insulated which ensures a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere inside all year round.

The architects avoided wasting materials as much as possible and also made sure to choose energy-efficient fixtures and appliances for the interior in order to really turn this into a sustainable project. As far as everything else goes, simplicity was the key and that ultimately turned this into a very inspiring build.

The houses have clean lines which go well with their overall sustainable designs and modern aesthetic

The interior is welcoming and uses natural and organic colors combined with neutrals

The kitchen is all stainless steel which looks really sleek and professional

The social spaces are connected and communicate with each other but at the same time remain separate

A small work station is set up in the main living room, with an elegant desk and stylish accessories

The living room has a view of the courtyard and extends out through a small wooden deck

A white pathway runs through the yard framing the two houses

The roofing is made of highly reflective metal which helps with insulation