It has a contemporary design and doesn’t really match with the décor. Its neighbors are elegant houses but their style is very different from what this new addition offers.

The Offset House was designed and built by Ja Studio and ARTA Design. The design chosen for the residence is simple and very clean. The façade of the house is crisp white and structurally is resembles two white cubes placed one on top of other, the upper one being slightly to the left.

This asymmetry makes the house stand out even with its minimalist design. The windows are very tall throughout and the door is also high and goes all the way up to the ceiling.

The interior design is also very simple. The walls are white throughout and so are the ceilings and the floors. The result is a very simple, bright, airy and modern look. To avoid creating a cold and impersonal décor, wood was used for the frames of the windows and for the doors.

Their color and texture brigs warmth into the rooms and also creates visual contrasts. Overall, the residence is very simple and would easily blend in if located in a different area. However, here it stands out.