Punk has continued to be a look that teenagers have enjoyed, to some degree, ever since. When it comes to clothing, self styled leather, denim and tartan were all used to create a distinctive look. Nowadays, there is less distinction between mainstream rock and out-and-out punks with crossovers of culture in a wide variety of areas, such as skater punk.

When punk was new, little thought was given to its power with interior designs. It was all about the music and the clothes. However, nowadays teenage punk designs are regularly used for bedrooms. A punk inspired bedroom is a place that a teenager can really express some of their vision. When redecorating a room in a punky way, leave room for the teenager to express them self, as this is really at the heart of the approach.

Rooms For Punk Girls.

Girls love a punk bedroom just as much, if not more, than boys. Even though a punk look can be a little demanding on the eye – even aggressive – there is no reason for it not to suit a girl. A cool punk rock look can still be achieved whilst maintaining a certain degree of femininity. This doesn’t mean that everything needs to have a pink flavor, however.


Nothing says you are in a teenager’s punk pad like the addition of a guitar or two to the room. Acoustic guitars, neatly arranged, are out however. A punk will favor an electric rock guitar with a solid body and a spiky strap. Ensure the guitar is mounted on the wall or on the floor next to an amplifier. For the perfect look, both amp and guitar should be distressed, or even vintage, like they have been on many tours. If you are a bit worried about the noise, use an image or two of a guitar to get the same effect.


Another essential design cue for a punk bedroom is the use of prints. Original band artwork is expensive, but reproduction prints will look great in a teenager’s room. Avoid a regular pattern to any display you are thinking of. The images will look better if they clash and even vie for your attention, visually speaking. Anything that is evocative of punk’s 1970s hey day will go into the room’s design well.

Walls And Ceilings.

Cover the walls and ceilings of your teenager’s room with punk inspired design cues. Allow the artwork and prints to be rearranged with ease, rather then be fixed in place, so that the look can be altered over time. Use a variety of design elements, such as skateboards and lighting which can be shifted about and repurposed. For a perfect skater punk look, why not go for a mural that runs over more than one wall and the ceiling?

Pin Boards.

Pin boards allow a teenager to decorate their own room on a micro scale. Without doubt, this is a great idea if you don’t want to allow them to redecorate the rest of the room. By allowing a specific area for self expression you will afford them a creative outlet, which can be changed and remade over time. Teenagers’ tastes tend to change so a pin board is perfect place for experimental visual self-expression.

Distressed Furniture.

The punk rock look is not really anything to do with shabby chic. Nevertheless distressed and repurposed furniture works really well in a punk inspired bedroom. Self decoration certainly adds to the do-it-yourself ethos that punk encourages. An item or two of distressed furniture, with a patch up paint job, will complete the teenage punk look.