Surely there must be a way to make everyone happy. In fact, there are at least 5 that we know of and we’d be happy to share these secrets with you.

Pick an interesting theme.

It’s a lot easier to plan the whole room if you first choose a theme. For a teenager’ the theme of the bedroom décor much be interesting and intriguing. Pick something unusual and stay away from the cliches. Teen’s like to be different and to explore their personality so involve them in the process. Who knows, maybe they have some great ideas.

Teens love bunk beds.

Believe it or not, bunk beds are actually popular with the teens even if they’re reminiscent of their childhood. Use bunk beds if it’s a shared bedroom or just in case one of their friends wants to spend the night. You won’t sacrifice any floor space.

Include secret spaces.

Privacy is a big thing with teenagers so, naturally, they love having their own little secret spaces. Include some in the bedroom as well. Maybe you can build a loft area above the bed or install some curtains.

Keep the décor playful.

The décor of the bedroom has to be interactive, fun and playful or it will quickly become boring. It also has to be flexible and to offer room for customization. Try incorporating multifunctional furniture or quirky accent details.

Storage and organization come first.

Before you get lost in the world of cute, funny, quirky and playful accessories and accent details, take the time to carefully plan the storage and organization elements. Include plenty of drawers, shelves and built-in features and keep the room simple.