They’re becoming educated, making informed decisions, becoming who they are as individuals, and expressing themselves.

Gone are the days of childhood nursery décor, of cutesy stuffed animals and cartoon elephant prints. But teenagers aren’t typically ready for crystal chandeliers, either. The decorating transition can be challenging, but it’s not insurmountable. In fact, with a little guidance, decorating a teenager’s bedroom offers a rare ability to blend all aspects of life.

1. Use Bold Color Combos.

Let their independent spirits express themselves boldly with color combinations. Red, white, and black is a classic that is simultaneously age-appropriate and sophisticated.

2. Go Glam.

Choosing unique pieces, like this bathtub (? In the in bedroom? Naturally…) and the unique upholstered bed, will let your teenager know that you not only recognize her individuality, but that you approve of it wholeheartedly.

3. Let One Piece Pop.

If you’re working with lots of hand-me-downs or some generic pieces of furniture, don’t let that discourage you from creating an inspiring space. Choose one piece, or one corner, that you can highlight with a pop of color. By creating a fun-filled focal point, the rest of the room really can fade into the background with dignity.

4. Provide Plenty of Shelving.

A teen’s life is a busy one – things are constantly happening, coming and going, and it’s best to have lots of shelves available to help keep her life organized and on track…and looking good while doing it.

5. Choose Bold Geometric Prints.

They are not only fun and engaging, but bold geometric prints are structured and organized as well. It’s a perfect combination for a teenager who needs order as much as freedom and fun.

6. Oversized Wall Décor.

Short on space but big on personality? Oversized wall décor just might be the answer for such a teen’s bedroom. Decals, wallpaper, even an art gallery will go a long way to express individuality without taking up precious floor space.

7. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Your teen might be reading Thoreau, why not help him live it? Keep his room décor minimal yet personable (dealing with color blocking helps with this) to give him some breathing room.

8. Use Bright Colors.

Bright, colorful details add a positive, happy energy to the bedroom and are instantly invigorating. Keep your teen smiling in her space with boldly colored pieces. And, yes, eclectic décor works for teens.

9. Capitalize on Black Accents.

Black is the ultimate in “mature” color, and a few touches of black throughout a teen’s space will dress it up a notch. Simple and straightforward will do – a black pendant light, for example, might be just the thing.

10. Incorporate Playful Details.

While they are growing up, teenagers aren’t yet grown up. Parts of them still love the little things – a stuffed animal here, a beloved child’s art piece there. A whimsical wall detail behind the bed here adds a touch of fun.

11. Use Wallpaper.

There are so many varieties of wallpaper, from colors to patterns to prints to pictures, that it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that both you and your teen agree on. This is especially helpful in filling blank walls beautifully and intentionally. Bonus: If chosen well, that wallpaper will see your teen through into adulthood, cutting down on the necessity of redecorating.

12. Take Advantage of the “Fifth Wall.”

The ceiling is a prime spot for your teenager to really let loose – some abstract paint, posters, or even glow-in-the-dark stars are all great options that make the ceiling an interesting, personality-filled component of the bedroom.

13. Mix it Up.

Mixed prints are en vogue for living rooms and everywhere else…why not your teen girls bedroom? This is also a forgiving decorating strategy; as tastes and interests evolve and change, you can change out bits and pieces of the décor without having to start all over or disrupting the eclectic vibe.

14. Create a Hang-out Spot.

Let’s face it, your teenager is going to spend quite a bit of time in her bedroom. May as well make things comfortably cool for her and her friends. A pair of brightly upholstered club chairs is a great idea, if you have the space.

15. Pick Teenager-Friendly Artwork.

There will come a time in their lives, all too soon, when teenagers no longer want a black and white poster of Marilyn Monroe or Grateful Dead (or whatever else) on their bedroom walls. If they really love something, let that be the artistic focal point of their space. Plan colors and layout around the art piece that resonates with them, and you’ll help create a bedroom they feel at home in.

16. Incorporate a Work Space.

If you want your teenager to be successful in school, create a workspace in his bedroom to facilitate this. Not only will it help to keep him focused on assignments, but it will (hopefully) facilitate organization as well. That’s a win-win scenario.

17. Place Strategic Lighting.

Regardless of the room’s overall lighting, you’ll want to really consider where your teen will need extra light. A task lamp at a desk, of course, but also a lamp near the bed is a good idea for the teen who loves to read before falling asleep.

18. Use Luxe Textiles.

Everyone likes to feel a bit pampered, and throwing some luxurious textiles into your teenager’s bedroom will help her feel extra special. Think comfy shag rugs, touchable velvet throw pillows, or a soft chenille blanket at the foot of the bed.

19. Incorporate Intuitive Storage.

The easier it is for your teenager to use the storage available in his bedroom, the more likely he is to actually use it. Enough said.

20. Decorate with Plants.

Nature is soothing, and plants are a lovely and simple way to incorporate nature into a teen’s bedroom space. Even windowless bedrooms can have successful plant life; just ask the nursery to point you to low-light options.

21. Add a Youthful Twist to Sophisticated Elements.

Sheer drapes in an unexpected lavender keep the bedroom from feeling granny-ish. Paired with a detailed pouf and blends of Moroccan and floral patterns make this teen’s bedroom a youthful yet grown-up space of serenity.

22. Decorate According to Interests.

If your teenager is interested in automotive aspects, for example, let his bedroom showcase that with some vinyl-upholstered chairs and a garage-inspired painted wall.

23. Choose One Unique Element.

Help your teenager express individuality by helping pick out one unique element that sets her room apart from her friends’. This acrylic hanging egg chair is both a conversation piece and relaxation space.

24. Get Creative to Create the Right Vibe for Your Teen.

Every personality can be expressed through aesthetic design elements; the trick is finding what design represents your teenager. For the hard-shelled skateboarder, for example, brick wallpaper, band decals, and industrial lighting help to recreate the urban elements that help him feel cool, relaxed, at home, or a combination of all three.

25. Keep It Casual & Lighthearted.

Most likely, your teenager won’t keep he bedroom pristine. Accept this fact and decorate accordingly. A leaning guitar, an oversized wallpaper (or wall decal), a textured duvet. All of these, and many more, are examples of elements that lend a casual vibe to your easygoing teen’s space.