One of them is the Alegre House which in 2014 was renovated by architect Jorge Vidal. The main concrete shell was already in place but the house lacked a lot of the features that today allow it to share a connection with its surroundings and to offer a truly immersive living experience.

The initial concrete shell of the house has been adorned with lots of beautiful natural textures
The patios and terraces are open or surrounded by glass railings which allows unobstructed views to the enjoyed from out here
One of the major goals of this renovation was to open up the interior and to invite the beautiful views, sunlight and fresh air inside the house. The mission was entirely successful. A large open patio is adjacent to the lounge and dining areas on the ground floor, allowing these to be seamlessly extended outside. The transition is very smooth thanks to the sliding glass walls and the way in which the layout and everything else was planned. The ground floor is also fully open on the opposite side where it leads onto a beautiful terrace and swimming pool area.
The materials, finishes and textures used throughout the interior give the house a very welcoming and organic look and feel
The big and open ground floor allowed for a super long custom table to be introduced here
The master suite is very soothing thanks to its minimalistic decor and to the wonderful view it has
The upper floor features a long terrace which helps to make the lovely views and tropical air a part of its decor
The interior is decorated with abstract art that adds fresh and contrasting colors to the neutral decor
The expansive ground floor seamlessly transitions onto a patio and swimming pool area
The ground floor is open on both sides, taking maximum advantage of the beautiful outdoor surroundings

The gorgeous upstairs area has a charm of its own. A long wraparound terrace with transparent glass railings helps to bridge the gap between the interior spaces and the mesmerizing landscape that surround them. The master suite in particular takes great advantage of this connection.

The social areas are visually separated through furniture and decorations as opposed to solid walls and partitions
The stone accent walls create a beautiful backdrop for the elegant furnishings and decorations
As far as the interior design and decor are concerned, it’s easy to see an inclination towards natural materials and textures as well as towards warm neutral colors combined with fresh tones of green and turquoise inspired by the tropical and vibrant scenery. The house as a whole is very breezy and inviting thanks to the overall simplicity of its design but also the wonderful attention to detail that went into its renovation.
The open kitchen area features a flat and minimalistic design and color palette which helps it stand out more
Here you can see how smooth and seamless the indoor-outdoor transition can be